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Think there’s a cartoon we didn’t cover yet?  Or perhaps you were unhappy with how we handled a cartoon we discussed in the past?  Let us know!

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  1. I wouldn’t mind hearing a talk about some of the cartoon marvel movies that came out for a few years like the Hulk vs and Planet Hulk. I’m not sure if you have talked about it or not, but I’d love to hear you guys thoughts on them. I found them very successful, especially Hulk vs Wolverine. I know Ben isn’t a fan of the style of that particular artist, but I thought it was handled tastefully enough without making you grit your teeth like the batman…Especially since this was practically the first time anyone had a chance to animate deadpool in a film with the godlike Nolan North as the voice, like two peas in a pod. Anyway, another neat thing I’d like to ask is, your views on the voice actor Steve Blum who has been everywhere. I’ve heard his voice so much in places I can’t play a game or watch an anime without expecting him to show up heheh, not thats its a bad thing mind you. Other that, keep up the awesome work, can’t wait for the transformer episode ^-^ I’m actually surprised to not see you guys in places like justin tv, since with that you could have a chat where fans could comment as you guys talked, of course that may be way to much, but just thought I’d mention it.

    • We did talk about it in the Marvel Movies episode. We also praised Deadpool’s portrayal in that film. Thanks for listening tho!

      • Yes, I actually just saw that episode, silly me. Well, since that has been done, is it possible to talk about the voice actor comparison for Marvel and DC, who had the better picks for their characters? I hope that hasn’t been done too, or I’d just be looking foolish now.

        • No, it hasn’t been done. But we may be doing an Avengers side to side episode, sort of a penance for us losing the first Avengers episode.

  2. Hey y’all!

    I found your show a few days back while looking for good cartoon podcasts, and I must say I’m having a blast listening.
    Currently I’m listening to The Faux 25, part 2 episode, and I agree with most of it in the sense the shows shouldn’t be in any top list (mostly).

    Personally I’d love to be on the show! Batman Beyond is probably cutting close, but there are a few more I’d like to chat about.

    A little background about me, I’m half French and half American (no accent in either case) and grew up mostly in France watching US cartoons on UK satellite tv… It’s convoluted, but I’ve always been a toon fan, and have no issue watching a show just to get an opinion about it (5 to 10 show minimum).
    The joke (for me) is that in France the tv studios got Japanese cartoons much cheaper than the US ones so I was watching Dragon Ball (and Z), Saint Seiya (yes, it was called Les Chevaliers du Zodiac, or Knights of the Zodiac in French…), Ranma 1/2, and a bunch of others while the US had Robotech, Voltron, and a few others.

    I used to cherish my summer vacations in the US so I could catch up with US cartoons, and now with the internet… Any cartoon that I can remember generally gets watched at some point.

    The only issue with doing a show with you guys is that being in France I’m 4 to 9 hours ahead of y’all, but then I’m a night owl…


    • Well, Batman Beyond is still maybe a month off. We’re going to be kicking off another block of themed shows that will be featured in August. We’ve only got one DC show planned for sure this month, and it’s not Batman Beyond. You’re free to join us. Also, tell us what you’d like to appear on, and we’ll talk about it.

      We haven’t done Saint Seiya or Dragonball yet, so if that interests you, we can arrange that. Although, if I hear Ben make that Flock Of Seagulls reference one more time, I might have to start drinking on the show.

  3. Hey, I thought of a show you guys could do, and I made sure to review everything that was coming up and has been discussed so far. How about one talking about all the anthro tv shows up to this point. Right off the top of my head was Swat Kats, Bucky O’Hare, Streets Sharks, Sonic the Hedghog(The good and the bad lol), and TMNT to say a few. I’d add Thundercats, but I’m not sure if that was up for discussion or not.

  4. It would be interesting to see how a Beast Wars vs G1 would go down. That would be a very close contest that could end in a draw.

    • If we could cut at least a half dozen David Wise episodes out of G1, including (and especially) The Rebirth, then I think that would definitely tip things in G1’s favor.

      G1’s biggest weakness is the large number of filler episodes from the middle of season 2. The beginning of season 2 was great. Then Powerglide had a girlfriend (ugh!), Hoist wanted to be an actor, and the Decepticons tried to hijack New York City. By the way, I find that it’s no coincidence that all three of these bear a strong resemblance to episodes of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

  5. Hey, I saw in your schedule for upcoming shows that you were doing a comparison between Hanna Barbera’s Godzilla series and the late 90’s Godzilla The Series . I am extremely knowledgeable about the Godzilla franchise, and am a fan of both of these shows. If possible, I would absolutely love the opportunity to be a guest on the show, as I am a big fan (listening to the Harry Partridge interview now.)

    Thanks for your time,

    • Hey, we haven’t forgotten about you. We’ll be doing a few fan topic shows soon. So hang in there. I’ve been kinda itching to do the Godzilla one, myself.

  6. Haim Saban and Shuki Levy. Someone NEEDS to cover the story of these two guys and the amazing contributions they have made to animation. They are credited with so many 80’s cartoon themes (and more), yet GCRN and AA have not given us insight into the team that created the famous themes that so many of us remember. The themes that set the tone for so many shows and instantly take us back in time to the days when we sat in front of the TV hypnotized and mesmerized as we enjoyed adventures of our favorite characters. You can download several of the themes from Shuki’s site,

  7. Godzilla the Series is AWESOME! I found it on Netflix streaming and instantly took to the show for the animation style, which I recognized as being identical to Extreme Ghostbusters, and the excellent storytelling. It is one of those underrated shows that I believe a lot of people missed. I was one of those people who said, “A Godzilla animated series? How can they make that good?” Well, they did it! As I have said, The Real Ghostbusters is my favorite cartoon and Godzilla the Series reminds me of it with the mix of humor, monsters and adventure. I hope that someday they give the series a DVD box set. All I have seen is the Monster Wars DVD that includes the three episodes that make up that story.

  8. I saw that y’all were considering the possibility of talking about the Back to the Pilot episode of Family Guy. I’d like to hear what you think of Seth MacFarlane and his shows in general (maybe even be a part of it? ^^), especially the news about him taking on The Flintstones in 2013. I’m surprised that I haven’t seen more discussions on that.

  9. Hi there,

    I’d love to talk about The Batman (or what you call The Crapman) I’d like to defend the show or at least give it some legs to stand on.

  10. Have you guys ever discuss the Visionaries or Defenders of the earth series in an old episode if not they might be good or maybe the Disney TV cartoons of the 80s and 90s like Darkwing duck , Gummi Bears and Gargoyles .

  11. Hey guys I’m trying to get in contact to set up an interview with you on my show Podcast Squared if you’re interested. Just email me podcastsquared at gmail dot com

  12. I’d like to request an episode on Robin and the Dreamweavers.

    Never heard of it? I don’t blame you; the movie was never actually released.

    Years after the movie was finished, it remained shelved for years until someone stumbled upon it by accident when digging through Filmation’s archival footage.

    You can get it on DVD for $10 here:

    Or you can use…other means…

    • That actually sounds like it’s worth doing, especially since it’s coming back. I have fond memories of the days when it was Toonami, not Adult Swim, that was the late-night block on Cartoon Network.

      I also have fond memories of Moltar.

      • Holy crap, you actually replied 😀
        I’m stunned. I’m very happy that Toonami returned and although I miss some of their original programming (Tenchi Muyo mainly) I do like the two new shows they put up C:

  13. Hey guys!

    I just recently discovered your podcast and I’m really enjoying it. Even if I found myself not agreeing with your opinions, it’s fun to listen in on your conversation as a fellow animation enthusiast. I’ve always loved cartoons from both sides of the Pacific, so when I saw you welcomed various guests on the show I got excited! Maybe I could join you guys sometime?

    A little about myself: I’m the creator of the webcomic Slightly Damned (, which has been going on consistently for over 8 years now. This weekend I’m scheduled to record an interview with the Webcomic Beacon, actually! I often go to anime conventions to sell my wares.

    Despite the fact that I have no actual experience in the animation industry, I love to talk people’s ears off about everything from Don Bluth movies to the Disney afternoon to the wacky world of Pokemon censorship and why El Hazard: The Magnificent World is the only version worth seeing. Also, my brother’s friend works for Pixar and gave us a tour of the studio once. That counts for something, right? …Guys?

    It’s too bad I missed the Gargoyles and The Irresponsible Captain Tylor episodes since I feel like I could have mouthed off a lot about them, but I do see you have a Slayers episode coming up. I was relatively late to the party when it comes to Slayers (I first saw it on DVD in high school), but I’ve seen The Slayers (TV) and Slayers NEXT twice, as well as TRY, and Premium, Revolution and Evolution R fairly recently. …And all in English, which I actually prefer!

    If you could find it in your heart to let me butt in on your operation here, please send me an e-mail at: chu [at] raizap [dot] com. I’d be happy to shoot the breeze with you guys on Skype or something to see if we could do an episode together! And also a head’s up: I’m gonna send you guys a direct message on Twitter as well, just to make sure I come off as obnoxious as possible. I mean to make sure you guys see this.

    I look forward to hearing from you! Thanks for reading this!

  14. I’ve always had a nostalgic bug for the Fatal Fury TV specials (the motion picture not so much) and would like to hear your thoughts on them. Also, I’d love to hear your reactions as you bite into the turd that is the Mortal Kombat DTV animated movie (came out around the same time as the live-action flick). Maybe you can include them in an animated-adaptions-of-fighting-games episode.

    Twitter: @Net_Lex

  15. Just a reminder that I would like to be a guest on that revisit to Naruto that Neil mentioned youd be doing. If you’ll have me on, please email me your Skypes to blusharingan at gmail dot com. Or if its a chat room u guys have, ill send you mine and you can add me to the Skype group.

    • Well, we actually recorded that already, the same day I said we were doing a follow-up. But we could definitely have you on in maybe a month to talk about the show. Early to mid-October, I think.

      The follow-up program that we recorded was meant to explain where we were coming from and why we didn’t feel it was necessary to watch the whole show or even most of it. Granted, I was a little surprised by how little Ben and Pablo had actually seen, but we’ve done shows before where the panalists watched part of a season and rendered a verdict on whether or not it was recommendable. That’s basically what we did here, and that’s what you’re going to hear on the Thursday episode, as well as some follow-up opinions about the show from Ben.

      But we do intend to do a more formal revisiting of the show on a future episode, and we’ll definitely have you on for that.

  16. You should do a show on Sym-bionic Titan. It’s an incredible, but tragically short-lived show by Genndy Tartakovsky.
    IMOP, it is far-and-away the best show he’s every done; way better than Samurai Jack (sacrilege, I know). Even my animator friend have never heard of it, so I would love if someone gave it some of the recognition it deserves.

  17. Seeing how it’s second season is coming to an end soon, can you guys do an episode on Transformers: Prime? Like how you felt about it & how it compares to the other ones.

    I personally love this series, but then again I grew up on the Unicron trilogy rather than the original series.

  18. I’d like to see an episode on Moral Orel. I’d just watched the prequel special that Adult Swim aired this week, and I think it would be great if you guys covered this series on a future podcast.

  19. Hey, if you ever get around to doing an Avatar: The Last Airbender episode, could I be on? While I kinda like the show, I disagree with your opinion that it’s the greatest animated television show ever. Katara almost ruined the show for me. The way I feel about her is similar to how you guys feel about Robin from Teen Titans.

    The Legend of Korra is awesome though.

  20. I have an anime to suggest to you guys. The show is call Soul Eater, it about the grim reaper opening up an academy for kids that can change into different type of weapons and fight evil.
    In this show they don’t let the villain live (like other shonen), they kill them and eat there soul. This show is somewhat strange, but enjoyable and it made by Bones

  21. Are you guys gonna cover Saber Rider & The Star Sheriffs aka Bismark(Japan) down the line?

    Also, have you guys heard of Gundoh Musashi? The only thing I can tell you about it is that the animation is so freaking horrible, it makes Filmation look stellar *shudder*, and has a cult following for all the wrong reasons. This was apparently based on a story by Monkey Punch, the creator of Lupin III.

    I apologize in advance for showing you a clip of this piece of crap, but it needs to be seen.

  22. I have a laundry list of cartoons I wished Animation aficionados will review someday. As well as recommended guest reviewers.

    Gurren Laggan with Kittyhawk.: Gurren Laggan is a giant robot anime that tells the story of two boys who dare to do the impossible, see the invisible, and fight the power.
    and take humanity from the stone ages to the star trek age.

    Tiger and Bunny: This Cartoon dares to ask and answer. “What’s Japan’s take on American Superheroes.?” As Tiger and Bunny defend Stern Bild city from various supervillian groups.

    Transformers Prime: This cartoon pulls the transformers franchise out of the hole that the “Unicron Trilogy” put the transformers cartoon in. And provides a stellar textbook example of how to create well crafted cartoon kids.

  23. Rad show you guys!
    If you haven’t done any of these yet…
    Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors, Galaxy Rangers, or Exo Squad would make for an interesting show. Or just a show about children’s sci-fi serials in general. Keep up the good work!

  24. Any chance of seeing a show on the works of Leiji Matsumoto done of the podcast? Considering how influential his works were to later anime, it would only seem like it would be a good episode. That and with the currently reworking of Space Battleship Yamato with it’s 2199 incarnation and the upcoming Captain Harlock movie, it would not be a completely outdated topic and there is plenty of material to go over.

  25. I think it would be interesting if you did an episode on the prototype Looney Tunes. Before Bugs, Daffy, Porky, and the gang became WB’s band of mascots, they had characters like Bosko, Foxy, and Buddy.

  26. Cannot believe there’s no redline episode. I am livid that strangers on the internet haven’t talked about an animated movie I like.

    • I second Redline, and the Mad House features in general. I prefer the Mamoru Hosoda films, but I think a show on Satoshi Kon’s films might make for the best episode.

  27. Have you covered or already covered the following…
    Davey & Goliath
    Peanuts specials,movies and TV series
    Nelvana Studios
    Gerry Anderson puppet/live action programs
    Tom & Jerry(especially the Gene Dietch era!) 😉
    Chinese and Korean animation

    inquiring minds need to know..!

  28. Would be very interesting to hear your thoughts on Tintin, the animated series. I dont think you have talked about? Awesome awesome show!

  29. At the risk of having a loved childhood show torched in front of me, Have you thought about reviewing Pole Position? I bought the DVD set & still enjoy it after all these years. It is too bad it was cut short.

    Thank You for your time,

  30. Hey Animation Aficionados I’m new to the show and enjoy what you guys are doing delving into animation new and old not just from the east but from the west too. I want to suggest a full episode on “Sym-Bionic Titan” as I think its one of the best animated shows ever to be cancelled and never got the accolades, the time or the exposure it truly deserves.

    My second suggestion is “The Big O” a mecha anime with a very art deco style and crime noir feel.

    Keep doing what your doing guys and peace out!

  31. Greetings, Animation Aficionados! This is Marc. I really enjoy listening to your podcast, and with that said, I’d like to offer some suggestions for future show topics.

    Bionic Six. A show from TMS that’s still not on DVD yet, and seriously needs to be discussed.

    The Hub changing it’s name to ‘Discovery Family’, and what that network did wrong to end up where it is right now.

    Galaxy High. Another TMS series that DID get released on DVD.

    Reality shows overflowing the airwaves, and how they’re destroying television.

    Afternoon cartoon blocks dying, and being replaced with sleazy talk shows

    Ultimate Spider-Man, AKA, An insult to a great character, and all of my worst fears of Disney’s acquisition of Marvel made flesh.

    Will hand drawn animation ever return to cinemas

    Good shows that should’ve lasted longer while crap shows continue to air.

    Megas XLR. This show NEEDS to be discussed.

    Gatchaman, and it’s many American incarnations

    Bad tween shows replacing cartoons and the abomination that is Miley Cyrus

    Iria: Zeriam The Animation

    Cutey Honey

    The Beverly Hills Teens AKA, The Hills, or The Kardashians in cartoon form

    Rock & Rule, Nelvana’s first animated feature

    The Secret Of The Sword. Yeah, it’s been touched on before, but I think it needs to be discussed in a full episode.

    Heathcliff. This REALLY needs to be discussed.

    • I’d be interested to hear about The Hub as well. I haven’t had cable since it was started so I don’t know anything about it. I feel out of the loop.
      Maybe you could do a show about network incompetence in general. You could talk about Nickelodeon’s Legend of Korra debacle.
      Don’t forget, Season 4 starts this Friday Oct 3rd!

      I also second Ultimate Spiderman and Rock and Rule.

  32. I also have a few more suggestions

    She-Ra. This can also be brought up with SOTS.

    The Grim Adventures Of Billy & Mandy

    Superfriends, and it’s many incarnations

    Classic Space Ghost, and Classic Birdman


    Craig McCracken

  33. Hey AA’s, how about an episode on Wakfu? I think you might have touched on it in another episode about Franime, but it just got dubbed and added to Netflix, so the audience for it will be much bigger and it might be of more interest to your fans.

  34. Had so much fun on previous episodes if you guys ever wanna talk about cartoon shows that stayed on to long or went before their time I’d be willing to talk about it. Can we all agree Beware the Batman never stood a chance? Or how about when it’s good for something like the Simpsons to bow out? Let me know!

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