Comic Connoisseurs Episode 5 – Defending Post-Crisis – Wonder Woman

Tonight on Comic Connoisseurs, we talk about the George Perez reboot of Wonder Woman; the reboot that almost wasn’t.

One thought on “Comic Connoisseurs Episode 5 – Defending Post-Crisis – Wonder Woman

  1. I cannot speak for the Sonic comics, I acknowledge their ups, downs, and outright strangeness over the years. But the person who mitigated it into something worth even looking at is doing the Megaman comics. They are something to be actually praised. I’d say go ahead and look into them rather than dismissing them because of “lol Archie”. Penders isn’t on the take anymore, it’s alright to go back in the water.

    On the subject of Wonder Woman’s handling over the years, I’m quite impressed things didn’t end up as bad as they could have been. Although I’ll kind of admit I’m a little skeeved at all the guys who’ve turned Perez’s art style into the DC house style while removing the soul he has in his art. Like you said, there seems to be a lot of people being influenced by a crop of older artists without looking into what influenced them and made them what they are now. After someone pointed out Arthur Adams’ influence on Joe Mad, I can’t not see it in all his earliest stuff.

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