Episode 132: Animation In Video Games

I can't wait to bomb some Dodongos!

I could eat an octorok!

Kittyhawk is back, and we’re talking about video games AGAIN!

Yes, this week it’s all about cut scenes and other ways that animation has found its way into video games over the years. Laserdisc, FMVs, and cinema scenes. Some of it good. Some of it bad. We’re going to be talking all about it.

I also threw in some game music interludes, because you know I love game music. Choices are from Lunar 1 and 2, from both the Sega CD and PlayStation soundtracks, plus a little something from Dark Wizard.

12 thoughts on “Episode 132: Animation In Video Games

  1. I got Xenogears when it came out and remember thinking that bullet point on the back of the box about the 20 minutes of animation being kind of a weird selling point for what was an 80 hour jrpg.

    I remember the animated cut scenes in that game being at random intervals and in short spurts and being more distracting than enhancing of the experience. I thought it was kind of middle of the pack PS1 jrpg at the time (and think its worse now) and am still kind of surprised when I hear people say its their favorite game ever let alone favorite jrpg ever.

        • Great list! I would include
          Grandia II
          Paper Mario series
          mario & LUIGI Superstar Saga
          Dragon Quest VIII
          Odin Sphere
          …I know Ben is just joking, but this is fun.

      • I don’t know, is there? You know, there has been some Shin Megami Tensei, Tales of, Suikoden, Shadow Hearts, Fire Emblem, Dragon Quest, Grandia, and even some post FF6 games that I have heard of being notable. But who knows.

  2. Words cannot describe those Zelda games…

    A modern QTE-only game you say,? That honor goes to Asura’s Wrath.

    Man, I had high hopes for that game because of how hardcore the titular character was. If that wasn’t the prime example of how NOT to implement Quick-Time Events in today’s games, I don’t know what is.

    Oh, thank God, Girly Voice MegaMan ended with X4. I enjoyed that game till X’s ending… *shudder*. Let’s not forget Zero’s “stellar” catchphrase…

  3. Those were great picks in the episode. Most of my cutscene rewards with PS1 were Final Fantasy V, IV, and Chrono Trigger. You know who won there! Chrono Cross and MegaMan X4 had decent ones too. Ok Cross’ were fantastic, but wish the game had better pacing. I keep trying to play through it, telling myself it’s a 10/10, but it just gets slow after you meet up with Kid again. I don’t know.

    OK here we go-Shantae tangent!
    This project get better by the day, well there’s only one day left officially. The Wayforward live/saved streams on twitch.tv are hilarious! They’ll keep paypal open a few months for Half-Genie Hero (2014), but I’m not sure it will get to the “TV series Quality Animated Cutscenes” goal. Oh well, here’s some stuff that will be in the game as of now http://i.imgur.com/bRkqBnp.png OG Risky

    Sword for Risky http://i.imgur.com/3rfcTPV.png
    Red/Blue for Shantae http://i.imgur.com/Lx9SG2E.png
    and possibly this Dancer costume!http://i.imgur.com/G3JoABV.png
    Dancer Costume is FREE on iOS along with the FREE Shantae-Risky’s Revenge Game on iOS for a limited time.

    Sorry if I come off like a shill, but many of us are excited in these last hours of the kickstarter. To bring it full circle, Daphne has some competition wouldn’t you say?

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