Episode 119: King Kong

Amazingly brought to life by Willis O'Brien, a master of stop-motion animation.

Amazingly brought to life by Willis O’Brien, a master of stop-motion animation.

Joining us this week is Melissa Kaercher of Tinlizardproductions.com, and we present a very special episode of Animation Aficionados. We take a special look at the very first movie character who was a special effect.

King Kong is a triumph of stop-motion animation. Though stop-motion had been around for years by this point, this is the first time that a true character was realized using the art. Willis O’Brien brought this amazing character to life using metal armatures, rubber, and imagination.

We also talk about the people who were inspired by O’Brien, including the late Ray Harryhausen. At the time of this recording, Ray had not yet passed away, so we awkwardly talk about him as he was still alive.

Ray and so many others, such as Phil tippet, Stan Winston, and Peter Jackson, have had their lives transformed by the awe and spectacle of King Kong. The movie itself redefined the art of movie magic and set the standard for decades to come.

It was truly my pleasure to cover this movie. It is one of my favorite films of all-time, and in my opinion, it has never been topped.

The Spider Pit Scene
The Log scene
Ray Harryhausen and Mighty Joe Young
Son Of Kong
The Most Dangerous Game
The Pest
Peter Jackson needs to learn how to use scissors
Red shirts
Ann Darrow doesn’t care about King Kong
Nintendo 1; Universal 0

Kong's Close-Up

This really did scare the shit out of me when I first saw it.

The Spider Pit Scene

Perhaps lost forever. A legendary scene that has not been viewed since the earliest test screening of the movie.

The Log Scene

Originally, a styracosaurus was to be positioned on the other side of the log following a tremendous chase scene. Sadly, this scene also appears to be lost.

Stuff we forgot to mention:
Fay Wray’s boob slip
The pastel nightmare colorized King Kong

2 thoughts on “Episode 119: King Kong

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  2. The first time I ever hear of King Kong was in a episode of The Simpsons (I think it was a Treehouse episode). It got me interested in in the real movie.
    Also your episode remind me I should get the DVD version of this movie

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