Episode 111: Sakura Wars OVA

Sakura Wars

Sakura Wars

This week, Ben and I watched Sakura Wars. For the first time ever (for this show), I watched it with the subtitle track, because I didn’t realize I had an English track available. Oh well.

This is an anime about an acting troop that also fights monsters by piloting steampunk mech water heaters. Based on a dating sim/tactical RPG for the Sega Saturn, this series features a cast of eligible women (and one bro). Cute characters. Fun story. Awesome theme song.

It’s Sakura Wars!

This also happens to be our shortest show in quite a while, so if you’re aching for more audio content…uhhhh…listen to episode 35 of Retrunauts, where they talk about the Saturn. Shut up! You can never get too much Saturn!

Segata Sanshiroooooo!!!!!!

5 thoughts on “Episode 111: Sakura Wars OVA

  1. That was a nice and short episode (love the chicago joke LOL!)
    Hmm, I didn’t know Sakura Wars was an anime/OVA/manga/light novel/etc. I thought it was only a video game with anime cut scenes. I think I’ll check it out, I hope I can find it on Amazon
    Are you guys going to go over All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku or Project A-ko in the future?

    • If we don’t cover either of those in the future, I will riot. I love both of those.

      The only catch is that I have to watch Nuku-Nuku Dash, which…sigh….I have attempted many times and haven’t been able to stomach. But the original OVA and TV series are fucking fantastic!

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