Episode 110: Sonic Cartoons

Some people REALLY need to get their facts straight!

Some people REALLY need to get their facts straight!

Tonight, we talk about Sonic cartoons. All Sonic cartoons. Longtime listeners know my views on this for the longest time, and now you can hear it, in full!

Joining us is Sam from the Afr0Blu3 Youtube Channel (he’s done several Sonic reviews), and once again, The Chu of Slightly Damned. Now I know SatAM has a following… I don’t care. It’s still a bad cartoon. And an even worse Sonic cartoon.

Topics Discussed
The Archie characters don’t deserve to live
Sonic birthing Furries
Being too faithful, yet less faithful
Sally goddamn Acorn
Cleaning flecks of gold out of shit with your tongue
Echidna Politics
Chili dogs
There is no good Sonic cartoon
“I’m waaaaaiiiting!”

Compare this...

Compare this…

With This!  Different design language entirely!

With This! Different design language entirely!

How embarassing….

8 thoughts on “Episode 110: Sonic Cartoons

  1. The comics were based on the show(both of them), so DiC’s people made up the Freedom Fighters and the SWATbots and that world. Sega’s characters and aesthetic is way different, so your comparison pic kinda makes sense in the same context of having X-men Evolution right next to the first X-men series. Archie had nothing to do with Underground or with the creation of the shows or games, they just made licensed comics based on the characters therein.

    The love that Satam gets comes from the same place that the love for Batman TAS gets. Before the 90’s stuff, the only animated properties superheroes and characters like Sonic would have gotten were Superfriends and AoSTH. To thread in ideas of something a might darker than a PBS show or getting anywhere near Batman TAS (Which started the year before and was prolly kicking ass ratings-wise) would only seem to help rather than hinder things. The fact that this treatment was given to something one could see as kiddy and saccharine as Sonic’s world seemed nuts, but worked for the fans of it.

    It couldn’t work for Mario, no doubt. But if you skew the setting right, it seems to work for Sonic.

    Much of this sounds a hell of a lot like the same argument I’ve been hearing for a while between different people who like different shades of the same character: Why can’t it be like it is in my head? Why can’t Batman be all comedic and “Whiff! Bam!”? Why are the X-men kids and teens?

    I’m not gonna bother with game continuity discussion because like Mario, there really isn’t much. Aside from character introductions there really isn’t any sort of callbacks, ongoing story. or need to pay attention to anything other than: collect rings, get emeralds, kill robots, run fast, and beat the evil fat guy into a pulp.

    And by the by, we got that game interpretation in the form of Sonic X… A show more PBS intensive than any other interpretation of the character I’ve ever seen. This was post Sonic Adventure. Talk about taking things too literally with an extended cast of generic nutbars no one cared about.

  2. I like the Spider-man 700, I find it interesting and also I like Sonicboom
    The only Sonic cartoon, I have ever like was the Sonic OVA. I like it because of that one part with Sonic and Tails running to Metal Robotnik’s hideout. (I couldn’t care less for the other parts)
    Sonic The Hedgehog: Don’t really have a problem with this one
    Sonic SatAM: I hardly remember this show, really don’t see why people like it
    Sonic Underground: I couldn’t get past the intro as a kid
    Sonic X: I would call this, Sonic Fan Fiction. Really don’t like that kid
    Sonic Archie: Never read it and never plan on reading it

      • Oops! I thought it was her in the second half but when I relistened it clearly said it was the chu haha. They sound so similar. I’m a first time listener and I love what you guys are doing, I’ve got so much to download now

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