Special: Ben Heckendorn Interview

Lizard Of Death

Lizard Of Death

This is a special non-animation, non-edited interview with internet modder, Ben Heckendorn. We talk about movies, games, and a whole bunch of other nonsense. This is a companion to our Possumus Woman review. Mr. Heckendorn offered to be on the show, and before we even had a topic in mind, we were just shooting the breeze.

Yeah, don’t expect much direction to this show. This is NOT your regularly-scheduled program. This is a bonus.

Happy Halloween.

2 thoughts on “Special: Ben Heckendorn Interview

  1. Oy, guys congratulations on your 100th episode! (late I know). That frog in that Slayers movie is smart. Best day of his (any guy’s?) life.
    I finally got the time to see Possumus Man and Adventure!, MST3K movie references abound! Looking forward to this cast after I watch the rest or maybe just Possumus Woman. I shouldn’t watch ’em all too fast I guess.
    -Gaming Tangent- Shantae 3: Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse 2013. Shantae 3 Shantae 3 SHANTAE 3! That is all.

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