Episode 89: Bleach

Seriously, Neil never watched this?!

Seriously, Neil never watched this?!

Tonight on Animation Aficionados, we come closer to finishing our Shonen Jump series with Bleach! A series about death gods, grim reapers, shinigami, and people in black kimonos with katanas. We promise this episode will not sound too HOLLOW… And sadly, Neil barely talks, because… wait… all the sexy girls here, Neil NEVER WATCHED THIS?!?

Topics Covered
Seeing Dead People
Rescue Arc!
Comedy cutting through bullshit
Filler Arcs!

One thought on “Episode 89: Bleach

  1. Fine, I’ll be that nerd who has to do it.

    It’s Grimmjow Jeagerjaques (Jagger – jack) Not jabber jaw, man. I like Bleach. It had such potential, just like everyone can see. It’s just that it fell into so many of the problem tropes and holes that a lot of other series fall facefirst into. I guess being the poster boy for what NOT to do when success is found is indeed what lessons Bleach can impart as a series. Because after the first rescue arc is done, WHOO… full on derail. They got stuck on Mexican Namek.

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