Episode 86: Toy Commercials

Dino Damage!

Dino Damage!

Tonight on Animation Aficionados, we talk with Chuck of the famous “What’s on Joe Mind” Podcast promo about toy commercials! We go into the politics of toy commercials, parents groups, He-Man, Mighty Max, and so much more!

Topics Discussed
Sam Neil Action Figure
Mighty Max is the male Polly Pocket
Pre-emptive protection against chinese knockoffs?
The Truth about He-Man Toys.

2 thoughts on “Episode 86: Toy Commercials

  1. Dinosaucers kinda did have a toy-line, as far as 80’s action figures go they were pretty well made, except they were only made/sold in Brazil for some weird reason, it’s worth some google-ing that.

  2. I had a few of those crash dummy toys back in the day. Their big gimmick was they had a button on their chests that when pressed would cause all their limbs to shoot off … and promptly get lost underneath the couch.

    On the subject of toys seemingly made for the sole purpose of being lost, I remember having a toy called “Dragon Flyz”; a shitty action figure with a pair of helicopter blades around it’s neck. They came with little rip-cord launchers (that looked like dragons they were riding) that you could use to spin the blades and make the toy actually fly. Pretty cool in concept, but they always just flew straight up, hit the ceiling, and dropped back down. Then you’d get yelled at to play with it outside where it would inevitably end up in a tree, on the roof, or in a neighbor’s yard.

    And of course, Dragon Flyz had a crappy tie-in cartoon.

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