Episode 70: Justice League Doom

I'll take the second from the left.

Justice League Doom

Here we are at last! The final episode of the Animation Aficionados and Tooncast Beyond Crossover! In this episode, we review the newly-released Justice League Doom. In this, the last movie penned by Duane McDuffie, the Justice League are under attack from plans concocted by one of their own. We really nitpick this movie, with the understanding, of course, that such nitpicks go the film’s credit, because it really is a marvelous work that we could not identify any major flaws. This is a template for how animated superhero movies should be.

As with the other crossover episodes, we have our usual array of extras, including a rough cut, so you get to hear all the funny asides when we screw up. There’s also over an hour’s worth of a bonus show featuring Thomas Revor and listener of the show Richard, as we talk more about the DC movies, comics, and… Girl Scout cookies.

Be prepared to set aside two hours of your time. This is a long one, folks!

It appears to be the Ace of Spades!

It appears to be the Ace of Spades!

Cyborg - The variable that nobody accounted for


We love Wonder Woman!

We love Wonder Woman!

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