Extra Credit – Tooncast Beyond

Tooncast Crossover

Fuuuuuusion HAAAAAH!!!!

Heya, gangsy. Starting this week, this podcast will be crossing over with Tooncast Beyond of the Geekcast Radio Network. We’ll be doing a series of episodes about the DC animated movies. First up is Superman Doomsday. Look forward to that later in the week.

If you need a primer, then swing by this post and listen to Mike introduce the series. This co-production will take the place of our weekly shows for the next couple of months, although regular episodes may appear here and there, so keep your eyes peeled.

Also, I goofed on that last post. I was supposed to include a link to the Carl Macek interview done by the Anime News Network. It’s his last and, in my opinion, his best interview. He talks about his entire career, including his time at DiC, Spümcø, Harmony Gold, and Streamline Pictures. This interview will amaze you!

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