Episode 34: The Apocrypha of the DCAU

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I think I'm turning Japanese. I really think so!

This ep, we are joined by JT from Saskatoon and the ever vocal Thomas Revor to discuss the DCAU Apocrypha: the lost books of the DCAU bible (Static Shock, Zeta Project, and Teen Titans).  These shows are NOT in continuity. We even have Tara Strong’s own word for it. (Thanks, Blanchard. You get a cookie this week.)

An apocrypha is a collection of stories that has been tossed aside from a main canon for a variety of reasons. The shows we talk about tonight are jettisoned from the DCAU continuity not just because we may feel that they’re inferior, but also because they have deviated stylistically and creatively from the main canon. Zeta started out as a spin-off of a DCAU property but found its strength in being its own thing, whereas Static Shock’s only claim to DCAU connectivity lies in a few desperate crossover attempts as its popularity waned. Teen Titans, however, has a restraining order keeping it from going anywhere near the DCAU.

Show Topics:
What do the Gordanians have to do with the price of tea in China?
Shaq, the Backstreet Boys, and the Hoop Squad
Oh no! There goes Tokyo. Go go Teen Titans!(?)
Sexualizing underage cartoon characters
Lauren Faust for the win!

4 thoughts on “Episode 34: The Apocrypha of the DCAU

  1. A big reason why I liked Teen Titans “at times” was the voice of Cyborg, Khary Payton, who was a childhood friend of mine. So anytime cyborg was doing something I got hyped. Aw, you took my favorite episode Ben, when Cyborg was fighting against Atlas, Keith David was a plus so I was sucker for that, I kinda liked the soul power thing, don’t get me wrong it’s silly but I still liked it, plus I’m biased anyway 😉 If only they didn’t make him utilize that catch phrase so much, that was a bummer. Other than that I’ll leave that show where it belongs, since Khary is voicing Aqualad in Young Justice in a very acceptable roll. I hope they hurry and bring in more of that show. Also let’s hope a certain catch phrase of another person in YJ isn’t repeated, ever again. Oh by the way Neil, your a butthole for including that last bit from TT, I was hoping to never hear that song again…

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