Episode 21 – The Venture Bros.

Venture Bros.


Double Dammit! After some technical difficulties, we have our Venture Brothers show. Better late than never, I suppose. Joining us this week is the ever wonderful Kittyhawk, and Matt Senko of DVD Podblast!

This is our longest episode yet, clocking in at an astounding two hours, which is technically not epic length, or I totally would have started hacking stuff out.

This week is all about…
Nerfing the killing machine
Hank is not an idiot
The trap that wasn’t
Album names we’d like to see
The Senko Photoshop that didn’t make it

Team Venture

Note the psychotic killing machine that's flying the plane.

Dr. Mrs. The Monarch

Neil's calendar girl...who is not a trap.

Bonus stuff we talked about:

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