Episode 16 – Star Wars Clone Wars (2003 vs 2008)

This is AWESOME!

Mike Blanchard, you are so wrong about this! This shit is AWESOME!!!

Today we’re joined by Mike Blanchard of Geekcast Radio, Aisaku of Hero Academy, and Essay Bee of Fusion, and we’re talking about two series with the same name: CLONE WARS!


Show topics:
Mike needs his eyes and ears checked
Ahsoka should be dead
Jar Jar is smarter than he looks
“LIAR!” …and other great acting bits
Ghost Hand
Peg leg Jedis
Buddy comedies
George Lucas pulls a dick move
Stan Lee and Ahnud stink up the air waves
Fox’s Spider-Man still blows

Mentioned in the show:
Star Wars Episode III – Abridged by GeeksOn (Must listen!)

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Ghost hand force choke!

Ghost hand force choke!



She should be DEAD!

One image that ruins the credibility of the entire show. She should be dead at Grievous' feet!

Hey! It's Bucky O'Hare!

Worse than Jar Jar!

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