Power Rangers Aficionados DEBUTS!

Matt Senko morphs into an Aficionado!

Matt Senko is FOREVER RED!

Welcome to the Power Rangers Aficionados! We’re joined this week by DVD PodBLAST’s Matt Senko! Matt was an extra on the original Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. We’re also joined by Geekcast’s own Jonathan Toderian.

We sat down this week look back upon the 18-year legacy of Power Rangers. Every show in the series is mentioned, and nearly all of them discussed. We even talk about the “lost episode”. Strangely, nobody mentioned Bulk and Skull.

Show topics:
Trainwrecks! (…and the people who watch them)
Behind the scenes of the Zordon Era
Giant robots assembled by helicopters
Goosing your Zords
Rodent Senseis
Dogs can be rangers, too
Quantasaurus Rex
Skating robot trains
Trapping enemies in YuGiOh cards
Evil Rangers
Emo Rangers
Zsa Zsa needs rent money
Mr. Belding does karaoke
Matt looks for a dull rusty knife
Jesus doesn’t tap
However, lying makes Baby Jesus cry

Piston Punch!

Piston Punch!



Actor inside of the Quantasaurus Rex costume:

Darren T. Mangler in a Jenny Craig commercial:

4 thoughts on “Power Rangers Aficionados DEBUTS!

  1. Hello Men! Thanks for pimping the commercial. Senko is one of a kind, isn’t he? I listened to the whole podcast. Very entertaining. I used to love MMPR… but man, they lost me after 75 different story changes a season.

    If you ever want to do a follow up to this podcast, I have a story about the British pink ranger that will make the fanboys whack it!

    In this corner,
    Da Mangler

    • If it involves a car wash, Darren, then I think I know just the story you’re talking about. John, being the Kat fan, would definitely appreciate your story.

      Oh boy… a follow-up to THIS?! We might hang ourselves. We’d have to think about that. On the other hand, getting you on here is an enticing offer.

    • John, there’s nothing like hearing Mangler tell it. He actually does tell the tale in one of the PodBLASTs, but I don’t remember which one. If I ever find it again, I’ll let you know.

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