Episode 13 – The Blade Runner Era of Anime

Nene's curse

Nene is staring you DOWN!

Episode 13 is haunted by the curse of Nene. First, it starts out with Neil developing such a case of Alzheimer’s that he actually stopped dead as he was introducing the theme of the show. Second, our guest that we had to talk about The Irresponsible Captain Tylor got stuck at a con and couldn’t make it, again causing problems as a crucial cog in the machine causes massive system failure. Third, we didn’t even discuss the Dirty Pair as much as we had intended. This unfortunate set of circumstances has prompted us to put both shows back in the schedule for a later review, where we can talk about space exploration, androids, space chicks, and all sorts of cool things that Neil likes to talk about.


This was a crazy idea from the start. Whose idea was it to cover three shows in one podcast?! What do you think this is? ROBOTECH?!

We’re blaming it all on Nene, because nothing goes right for Nene. Nene is the specter of calamity.

Space Captain Steve joins in to laugh at us as we stumble.

Also on this show, we talk about:
What IS the Blade Runner Era
Why Akira and Ghost In The Shell are immediately disqualified from discussion
Why you should watch Roujin Z instead
Other shows as the era, such as Dominion Tank Police and Appleseed
Sequels to Bubblegum Crisis are woefully disappointing
Kenichi Sonoda knows how to draw dames
Adam Warren rules!
Watching professional wrestling will inspire you to create classic characters
Beware of tentacle robot balls
Salads don’t kill
Minmay is still a waste of flesh and needs to be slain

Also, Akira fans: Eat it.

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