Special: Ben Heckendorn Interview

Lizard Of Death

Lizard Of Death

This is a special non-animation, non-edited interview with internet modder, Ben Heckendorn. We talk about movies, games, and a whole bunch of other nonsense. This is a companion to our Possumus Woman review. Mr. Heckendorn offered to be on the show, and before we even had a topic in mind, we were just shooting the breeze.

Yeah, don’t expect much direction to this show. This is NOT your regularly-scheduled program. This is a bonus.

Happy Halloween.

Episode 101: Possumus Woman!!!

Possumus Woman

Possumus Woman

Yes, kiddos. It’s another movie night. But this ain’t no cartoon, dude! It’s Possumus Woman! One of the greatest low-budget movies ever made. We’re again joined by the Kittyhawk, and we regale for you the tale of watching this amazing movie, which you can actually download for FREE!!!

We also talk about the apparent demise of DC Nation after the movie review, so those of you who came for cartoon talk will get your share. Don’t worry, this IS Animation Aficionados, so we’re going to talk about animation, eventually.

But in honor of Halloween, we couldn’t let a chance like this escape!

Drunk Girl

“It’s headed toward the RESOOOORT!”

Rare Plant

The extremely rare Marcupoflias Plant!

Possum 'B" Gone

Possum ‘B’ Gone!!!

It's fuuuuuurrrr!!!

“A phylum I’ve never heard of before! But it’s fuuuuurrrr!”

Episode 97: Virtua Fighter

Virtua Fighter

The Virtua Fighter anime logo. Adjust your expectations downward from here.

Kittyhawk is back this week, and we’re talking about the Virtua Fighter anime. Yes, we can’t get enough of cartoons based on fighting games. We really only watched this for one scene, but we discovered several more that made us laugh just as hard.

After four episodes, we had enough, so we decided to sit down and talk about the show. Our opinions were mixed. Some of us were genuinely entertained, but somehow this is a series unfitting of Virtua Fighter.

Our review is a bit short, so after the break, we come back with our review of Saint Warrior Girl Valkyrie, a Japanese live action rip-off of Kittyhawk’s own Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki! It’s a show so terrible that it bankrupted the company that made it.

Please, please don’t watch it, but you can listen to us groan about how terrible it was. We’ll forgo any screen shots, because we’re just not that cruel.

Zoning out
How old is Pai?
Smile Steak
“Herroooo! Deribery guy!”
Run away!
A boy hanging from a tree
A classic cartoon trap


The normally jovial Akira gets serious if he puts his bandanna on.

The Deribery Guy!

Otherwise, you can expect something more like this.

Smile Steak

Smile Steak!

The child sidekicks

Helloooo…. Helloooooo… HELLOOOOOO!!!!!

Pai captured

A Team Rocket classic

Not mentioned in today’s episode, Virtua Fighter Animation for Game Gear is actually based on this series.

Some music from the video games…

Bonus Topic:

St. Valkyrie

This is the most disturbing thing I’ve ever watched.

Stripcon 2012 Special

Chow down, Fes!

Yeeeee-ha! Fes is gonna chow down on that big ol’ burger in today’s very special podcast!

This week, we go EPIC LENGTH!!!! Over two-and-a-half hours, just for you!

We start off with a podcasting panel from this year’s Dallas Stripcon! On the panel with Ben were Fes of The Webcast Beacon Network, Adam from The RADcast, Kyle of The Tech Tard Show, and Rick of The United States of Geekdom.

After the panel, we have a series of outtakes from 2011. We talk sodas and animation outsourcing with Kittyhawk. Then we talk about a variety of geek topics with Thomas Revor. We have a brief conversation with Mike Blanchard. And finally we GET IN THERE! with Ben Heckendorn!

Yes, it’s the Ben Heck bonus show that we promised over a year ago, and it’s totally worth the wait!

Possumus Woman

It’s time for HER to pay!

The ups and downs of pocasting
Coke vs. Soda
Fes’ gigantic burger
The circle of outsourcing
The Day The Clown Cried
As Tears Go By
Clancy Brown is always the villain
“Who the hell is Ben Heck?”
Colorized film versus 3-D conversion
Where the hell did the real George Lucas go?
Acting on the green screen
Wicker Man… comedy
Possumus Woman

Tooncast Beyond – Episode 17: Mega Man

Mega hi! TV’s Mr. Neil here. I made an appearance on Tooncast Beyond last week to talk about the old Mega Man series from the 90s. I’ve embedded the YouTube video below, but for anyone who wants to listen to the MP3, head on over to Tooncast’s page for the download link.

Also, we talked about this cartoon and more when Bob Mackey of the Retronauts podcast joined us for Cartoons Based On Video Games. Speaking of Bob, he’ll be on tomorrow’s episode of Animation Aficionados, to talk to us about Animaniacs and Tiny Toons.

Also, be sure to listen to Ben’s appearance on the Beacon Newcast with our friend Thomas Revor, and our buddy Kittyhawk made an appearance on the MSTieCast!