Episode 79: Akira and Ghost In The Shell

Ghost In The Shell

oh shit...

Ben and I were indecisive as whether to do Ghost In The Shell or Akira…so because we’re masochists, we decided to do both. At long last, we’ve decided to take on the two more pretentious anime movies ever made!

To be fair, our gripe with Akira is mostly directed at how overhyped it is. Yes, we know the animation is absolutely gorgeous, but the story itself is nothing particularly special. Oh, and it’s also way too long. It’s padded out with pseudo-philosophical mumbo-jumbo that nobody can follow, because it makes no damn sense. It’s fun watching gorgeous animation of a city getting torn to bits, but I shouldn’t have to sit through 100 minutes of nonsense about ameoba children in order to get to that part.

And then there’s Ghost In The Shell. Finally, you guys get to hear why I hate this movie and everything it inspires. Get ready for a smackdown on the existential crisis genre of anime, because I lay the hate down on this film. It’s not even animated as well as Akira. It’s slow, boring, and had me fidgeting in my seat, despite being 40 minutes shorter. Ghost In The Shell might be the king of pretentious anime.

This episode is about:
The star child
Ninja Turtles and Power Rangers
“Get your ass to Mars!”
“Kakarot!!! I mean…Kaneda!!!”
Ooshi must be stopped, no matter the cost.
Fuck both of these films; watch Roujin Z
Watch Dominion Tank Police, too.

Oh, here’s something that drives me crazy. I wouldn’t hate Ghost In The Shell half as much if I didn’t know so many people who make the exact following argument.

"It's different when it's my favorite anime!"

If you've ever made this argument, do the world a favor and kindly get over yourself.

As someone who enjoys shit like Dirty Pair, Slayers, or Tenchi, I at least have the candidness to tell you that I like it because of the sexy girls. Anyone who tries to tell you that there’s a deeper meaning to Kusanagi wearing a thong is a condescending prick.

I'm sure these are all just coincidences

I'm sure these are all just coincidences

Kaneda on his bike


Shit we forgot to mention:

Kid Kusanagi

Kid Kusanagi

Episode 74: Spider-Man Through The Ages

60's Spider-Man

Wait... What the heck is he swinging from?!

This week, we’re joined by Space Captain Steve of Blade Kitten and Hal Hefner of Heavy Metal’s Gates, as we talk about Spider-Man through the ages! We go over pretty much every Spider-Man animated cartoon ever made, and even some of the live action ones. We talk about all incarnations of Spidey, Peter’s love life, and our ideal production of Spider-Man.

In a bonus round, we’re joined by 1UP’s Bob Mackey, where we make a discovery of something that was overlooked in the main part of the show. Could this episode be…TO BE CONTINUED!?!??

Spectacular Spider-Man

Again I ask; considering how far up he is, what exactly is he swinging from?

Episode 73: Tiny Toons vs. Animaniacs – Side-By-Side


There's baloney in our slacks!

This week, we record with 1UP.com’s Bob Mackey to explore Animaniacs and Tiny Toons. One was groundbreaking, creative, and hilarious…and the other is Tiny Toons. We discuss the impact of both shows, their strengths, their weaknesses, and which one ultimately comes out on top in the end. If you’ve been listening to this show for a while, then you probably know what we’re going to say about Tiny Toons…but you should listen anyway!

Topics covered
Pre-Crisis Daffy
Mary Sue Adventures
The Bloody Head Fairy
Justice For Buttons
Tongue…two…three, one…two…three
Torturing Buddy
Baby Plucky
The Wretched Clown
The Plucky Duck Show
Jaimy Kelner, television lumberjack
Don’t Stop The Sandman
It’s the 90s, time for Klax.
…While Bill Clinton plays the sax!

Li'l Daffy

Tiny Toons... just little versions of better cartoons

Tongue Two Three

Kennedy Cartoons did this. No, it doesn't look any better in motion.

Here’s “The Looney Beginning,” which is actually one of the better-animated episodes of Tiny Toons. In fact, these are the best results that they ever got from Kennedy Cartoons.

…But watch as this episode of Animaniacs completely outpace it in every way.

Also, check this shit out. This is the guy who played Wakko.

This is the most maddening thing you’ll ever hear…

A Compilation of Glen Kennedy’s ‘Contribution’ to the industry…

And finally…

Episode 39: Localization (Defending Carl Macek)


Pineapple salad cannot kill Roy!

Today, we were joined by Kittyhawk and voice actor Brett Weaver to talk about the fine art of localization. We also talk about Carl Macek a bit, but not as much as we had planned. Maybe we can return to Carl at a later date.

As for today’s episode, you have 100 minutes to look forward to of us rambling about why the anime snobs of the 90s were all wrong.

Topics discussed:
Streamline Pictures
Tomato soup
Ninja consultants
Averting archaic internet memes based on bad localizations
Random falling H’s
“No” DOES mean “Yes”!
Making fun of Sandy Fox
Singing… IN JAPANESE!!!
The white Richard Roundtree

Ninja Consultant

Fortress Maximus meets with Ninja Consultant Six Shot to balance his budget... IN STEALTH!!!


"He's a bad mother..." "Shut your mouth!" "I'm just talkin' about Nabeshin!"

Jenny Stigile - Singer of the "Magic Knight Rayearth" Saturn theme

Once again, we agree that Jenny Stigile is the superior MKR singer to Sandy Fox.

Episode 37: DCAU Movies

DCAU Movies

Cinema: Bruce Timm Style

Mike TFG1 Blanchard joins us for the DC Animated Universe movies. This includes Batman: Mask Of The Phantasm, Batman & Mr. Freeze: Sub-Zero, and Batman Beyond: Return Of The Joker. We also discuss Mystery Of The Batwoman and Superman: Braniac Attack, and we ever so lightly touch upon World’s Finest and Starcrossed.

This episode is about:
Flappy fronts
World’s Finest Lesbians
The worlds suckiest CG submarine
The DCAU outlived the Gameboy
Don Bluth, film marketing scientist
Let’s break out the Tiki Torches!
Giving the middle finger to Joel Shumacher

Batman Beyond: Return Of The Joker

"I told you I'd shoot! But ya didn't believe me! Whyyyy didn't you believe me?!"