Episode 20 – The Irresponsible Captain Tylor

The Irresponsible Captain Tylor

Sail Away To Future!

This episode is appropriately… IRRESPONSIBLE! We may have gone off the map, but we stayed on course. We talked some Tylor in-between a lot of digressions.

Joining us this week were Kittyhawk of Valkyrie Yuuki and Pablo Praino. This was to be the favorite of our Blade Runner Era episode, but we couldn’t do it without the Kittehhawk. We were so pumped for this. In fact, we were so excited to do this episode that we forgot to do an opening for the show!

In This Episode:
“…back to Tylor!”
Seducing the computer.
The Blockbuster Four.
Crispin Freeman is awesome!
Nelvana cock blocks Card Captor Sakura
Tales from the Working Designs liner notes!
Watch Roujin Z!

NES Zapper

Kittyhawk's sidearm of choice

The Rightstuf

Oh! Oh! Oh-oh-oh!

The Very Best of Jenny Stigile

We even talk about the golden tones of Jennifer Stigile!