Episode 73: Tiny Toons vs. Animaniacs – Side-By-Side


There's baloney in our slacks!

This week, we record with 1UP.com’s Bob Mackey to explore Animaniacs and Tiny Toons. One was groundbreaking, creative, and hilarious…and the other is Tiny Toons. We discuss the impact of both shows, their strengths, their weaknesses, and which one ultimately comes out on top in the end. If you’ve been listening to this show for a while, then you probably know what we’re going to say about Tiny Toons…but you should listen anyway!

Topics covered
Pre-Crisis Daffy
Mary Sue Adventures
The Bloody Head Fairy
Justice For Buttons
Tongue…two…three, one…two…three
Torturing Buddy
Baby Plucky
The Wretched Clown
The Plucky Duck Show
Jaimy Kelner, television lumberjack
Don’t Stop The Sandman
It’s the 90s, time for Klax.
…While Bill Clinton plays the sax!

Li'l Daffy

Tiny Toons... just little versions of better cartoons

Tongue Two Three

Kennedy Cartoons did this. No, it doesn't look any better in motion.

Here’s “The Looney Beginning,” which is actually one of the better-animated episodes of Tiny Toons. In fact, these are the best results that they ever got from Kennedy Cartoons.

…But watch as this episode of Animaniacs completely outpace it in every way.

Also, check this shit out. This is the guy who played Wakko.

This is the most maddening thing you’ll ever hear…

A Compilation of Glen Kennedy’s ‘Contribution’ to the industry…

And finally…

Episode 51: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Side-By-Side – 1987 Vs. 2003

Turtles Forever

The Mirage Era goes out with a bang

We’re back to a standard episode this week to do a very special Ninja Turtles retrospective. Today we talk about the ’87 Turtles, the ’03 Turtles, and everything in between. Joining us again this week are JT of Authentic Geek and Kittyhawk of Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki.

We love the Turtles. Though only one show can emerge victorious, this isn’t quite the landslide that was our X-Men Side-By-Side. Both shows here are recommendable. Just stay away from anything involving rewinds or red skies.

April’s cleavage
Destroying the Technodrome cures Splinter
Battletoads still sucks ass
Donatello and Jack Kirby save Asgard
Shredder vs. Skeletor vs. Cobra Commander
Neil can find cartoon-accurate live-action hotties


We loves us some sexy April!

Sexy Irma

JT is responsible for this, and he will pay!

April’s well-animated ass in an otherwise poorly-animated cartoon

Click here for even more ’87 Ninja Turtles animation errors.

Episode 38: Reboot and Heavy Metal

In today's episode, we blow up a doll house!

In today's exciting episode, we blow up a doll house!

Today’s very special episode of Animation Aficionados is a 2-in-1! We had two episodes with a short running time, so we just smooshed them together.

In the first episode, Fes of Webcast Beacon joins us to talk about Reboot, the first ever totally CGI program produced for television. Part way through the show, JT from Saskatoon joins us to give the kanuck perspective on this Canadian production.

We then shift gears completely and talk about Heavy Metal and Heavy Metal 2000, side-by-side! Hal Hefner joins us for the second segment as we look back on an awesome movie and its mediocre sequel. We talk about awesome music, hot chicks, and exploding doll houses!

Neil’s disdain for “classic CGI”
Tech demos
Beast Wars blows
Plastic hair
Illegal (space) aliens
Carpets matching the drapes
The worst CGI character of all-time
We owe Fes a cookie
“When you listen to fools…”

The Cast of Reboot

Reboot's character modeling may have been cutting edge for its time.


No, this isn't a scene from a bad PlayStation game.  This is actually from Heavy Metal 2000!

...But was it really any better than this?



...or this???

Episode 32: X-Men vs X-men Evolution – Side by Side

Sentinels at their absolute stupidest!

"It appears to be the Ace of Spades!"

This week, we’re joined by Geekcast creator and Evolution-denier, TFG1 Blanchard. We compare the original X-Men animated series to the more modern X-Men Evolution. We challenge our guest to make an argument in favor of the 1992 series.

Here’s a game for our listeners. Take a drink for every time Blanchard appeals to his nostalgia instead of the actual quality of the shows. You will be passed out before the show ends.

Episode Topics
“And that’s great, but…”
Only 267 awesome moments out of 52 episodes!
Not punching someone makes you a douche bag.
Having awesome horsemen is like Carly talking to Megatron. (WHAT?!)
“The name’s Bishop. Remember it.”
Giant robots in purple underwear
X-Men on a boat that can’t stop. Worst episode ever.
Shockingly, not a single creationism joke from Neil.
The only card you need is the Ace of Spades! The Ace of Spades!

Episode 16 – Star Wars Clone Wars (2003 vs 2008)

This is AWESOME!

Mike Blanchard, you are so wrong about this! This shit is AWESOME!!!

Today we’re joined by Mike Blanchard of Geekcast Radio, Aisaku of Hero Academy, and Essay Bee of Fusion, and we’re talking about two series with the same name: CLONE WARS!


Show topics:
Mike needs his eyes and ears checked
Ahsoka should be dead
Jar Jar is smarter than he looks
“LIAR!” …and other great acting bits
Ghost Hand
Peg leg Jedis
Buddy comedies
George Lucas pulls a dick move
Stan Lee and Ahnud stink up the air waves
Fox’s Spider-Man still blows

Mentioned in the show:
Star Wars Episode III – Abridged by GeeksOn (Must listen!)

Also, check out Neil’s newest appearance on The Nerd News Network!

Ghost hand force choke!

Ghost hand force choke!



She should be DEAD!

One image that ruins the credibility of the entire show. She should be dead at Grievous' feet!

Hey! It's Bucky O'Hare!

Worse than Jar Jar!