Episode 82: Dirty Pair Flash

Dirty Pair Flash

Yes, this is as badass as it looks!

Tonight we’re joined by Brett Weaver, formerly of ADV Films, and we are talking about Dirty Pair Flash, an extremely underrated anime OVA series from the 90s. Is it a reboot or a prequel? The answer is… uh… yes? (I don’t know!) But who cares?! This series is so awesome! It’s got explosions, toilet humor, tits, robots, spaceships, laser swords, and everything else you could ever ask for from a 90s anime!

Cribbing from Adam Warren
Yuri living up to her name once again
A village of Bretts
Rearry orffensive Asian stererotypes
Yes, I said that Dirty Pair Flash is better than GITS. Live with it.

Kei's boobs

You don't get transformations like this in Sailor Moon!

Warrior Princess Yuri

Warrior Princess Yuri surrounded by a village of Brett Weavers

THIS guy...

This guy's English voice is SO wrong.

Classic Yuri

Leave it to me to find the space bikini in Dirty Pair Flash!


Showing skin. There's lots of this!

Sexy Girls Episode 5 – Dressing Up Your Sexy Girls!

Donna Troy Wonder Woman

The tragically rare Donna Troy Wonder Woman costume

Today, we invited Kittyhawk of Valkyrie Yuuki over to play dress-up with the sexy girls. Annoyed by what the mainstream comic publishers consider sexy these days (especially with the new and “improved” Carol Danvers), we launch into a tirade about how hot chicks in fiction ought to look…at least from our perspective. This is mostly a superhero topic, so expect a lot of talk about tight-fitting clothing.

Topics covered:
Footwear: Flats vs. Heels
Sleeves or no sleeves
The French cut
Cloaks: It’s all about what’s underneath
Athletic costumes versus underwear
Sporty chicks are hot
Snaps, buckles, and zippers: How much is too much?
Using nanotech to explain why the clothes don’t just fall off
Neil and Kittyhawk make some not-so-subtle references to their own comics
And finally…LEOTARDS!!! (Yes, I’m that lame.)

Jean Grey costumes

Discussed in the show - The many costumes of Jean Gray

Star Sapphire from Justice League

The SUPERIOR Star Sapphire costume, without the crappy Witchblade shit all over her

Ed Benes' Fairchild

Ed Benes' Fairchild

Jennie Breeden's Boots

Jennie Breeden's boots - Proof that girls can look awesome without heels. Seriously, knock it off with the heels! Nobody fights in pumps.

The Sexy Girls Podcast Episode 4: Al Rio

Caitlin Fairchild

No one ever drew Fairchild better.

Tonight, in honor of our fallen hero Al Rio, we present a very somber edition of the Sexy Girls podcast, now officially christened a spin-off of Animation Aficionados. On this very special episode, we are joined by comic artists Pablo Praino and Aisaku as we talk about the Al Rio as well as many other “good girl” comic artists.

As someone who was inspired by Al Rio, I was shocked to hear of his death. He was and always will be one of my favorite comic artists. I think I speak for everyone on the show when I say that we will miss Al Rio.

This is a fairly short episode, so after the mid-show commercial break, you’ll get to hear some bonus audio that we recorded with Pablo Praino.

Topics Covered:
The secret of every good girl artist: Frederick’s Of Hollywood
Exposure – It’s like Dirty Pair with nuns.
“Wait a minute! That’s not J. Scott Campbell!!!”
Fronk Cho’s mom
We love Amanda Conner
Adam Warren, Adam Hughes, and Ed Benes

Bonus Content:
More stiff with Pablo
Dragonball is silly
His name is PAIN!!!!
The Crapman

Evil Mary Marvel

I'll take the Mary Marvel on the right. Thank you.


It's like Dirty Pair...without all the genocide...and with nuns.

Self portrait of Al Rio

Being from Brazil, this working environment is far from being inaccurate.

Red Sonja

Impenetrable armor, for sure.

Wonder Woman vs Wonder Woman

Yep, that's how we felt this time last year. Thanks, Al!

Episode 36: Harem Anime (Sexy Girls 3)

Love Hina

Obligatory harem anime/manga series, Love Hina.

Kittyhawk swoops in to talk about harem anime with us. Halfway through the show, Eric of Exiern joins the conversation. This show is all about girls, girls, girls! Long legs and burgundy lips!

Discussed on the show:
Ranma ½
Love Hina
To Love-Ru
Girls Bravo
No Bra
Change 123
Golden Boy
Ai Yori Aoshi
Archie (when Cheryl is in play)

Don't look at this picture too closely.  Bad things will happen.

It's a TRAP!

Also discussed:
Sucking breasts to get power
The optimal harem number
Harem girl tropes
When the main girl doesn’t win
The guy is always the same character
Harems versus threesomes
Big Love, The Bachelorette, and My Five Wives

Obligatory panty shot.

A page from Change 123

Episode 17 – Sexy Girls Part Deux!

Naga The Serpent


This week, we’re joined by Gisèle Lagacé and Kittyhawk for our second Sexy Girls show! Continuing from our Archie discussion, we move into the topic proper. We start out with the girls we forgot from last time and then spend a long time talking about the girls of anime and video games. Both western and eastern animation are covered.

Be sure to also check out our Sexy Girls part 1 and the supplementary Archie Aficionados, as well as many other fantastic episodes!

Girls we talked about:
Naga The Serpent
Dr. Mrs. The Monarch
Princess Daphne
The Puma Twins
Rachel from Ninja Gaiden
More fighting chicks
The girls of Oh! Great

April O'Neil

Our favorite redhead in a yellow jumpsuit!

Other topics:
Girls in glasses
More traps
The origin of cheesecake
How to get a song out of your head
The possibility of Sexy Girls part 3!
One-Winged Angel Sephiroth versus… Barack Obama?!!?!

Did we miss anything?
use the Suggest A Show tab to let us know what girls you’d like us to talk about in the future! Kittyhawk promises to return if we get enough!!!

The Dark Goddess Scene from Lunar The Silver Star