Episode 74: Spider-Man Through The Ages

60's Spider-Man

Wait... What the heck is he swinging from?!

This week, we’re joined by Space Captain Steve of Blade Kitten and Hal Hefner of Heavy Metal’s Gates, as we talk about Spider-Man through the ages! We go over pretty much every Spider-Man animated cartoon ever made, and even some of the live action ones. We talk about all incarnations of Spidey, Peter’s love life, and our ideal production of Spider-Man.

In a bonus round, we’re joined by 1UP’s Bob Mackey, where we make a discovery of something that was overlooked in the main part of the show. Could this episode be…TO BE CONTINUED!?!??

Spectacular Spider-Man

Again I ask; considering how far up he is, what exactly is he swinging from?

Episode 67: Dragonball


Son-Goku, everyone's favorite super monkey alien from another planet

Last time on Animation Aficionados, our hosts Ben and TV’s Mr. Neil faced off against the mighty Knights of the Zodiac! Now the fate of the world hangs in the balance as they face off against the longest series they’ve covered yet: DRAGONBALL! Joining the AA Fighters is JT from Saskatoon of Authentic Geek as well as Pablo Praino! Do our heroes have what it takes to make it through 100 minutes of SUPER SAIYAN POWER!??!? Find out today IN ANIMATION AFICIONADOS Z!!!

Topics discussed:
Pablo remembers the urination scene
POW!!! Right in the KISSER!
Fights that last for weeks. Literally!!!
Mr. Satan saved the world
I’m just burnin’, Doin’ the Fusion Dance!
You will not hear “Rock The Dragon” anywhere in this episode
Gogeta Cheese


No. Caption. Needed.

Episode 63: Inspector Gadget

(Quick note to Geekcast listeners: Our extended review of “The Green Loontern” will be available on Friday, February 9.)

"I'm always on duty!"

"I'm always on duty!"

Tonight we talk about Inspector Gadget with Space Captain Steve, creator of Blade Kitten.

Perhaps DiC’s finest show from back in the day, Inspector Gadget blew away nearly everything else that was on children’s TV at the time. Little did we know that were seeing the dawn of Japanese animation for American television, a practice that would later become standard in shows like Transformers, GI Joe, Thundercats, and Ghostbusters.

We go off topic a lot, as we compare Gadget to the likes of Inspector Clouseau, Maxwell Smart, Robocop, and even Dyno-Mutt! We also establish a continuity connection that links Inspector Gadget to Super Mario Bros., GI Joe, and classic WWF.

This message will self destruct.

Most ridiculous gadget
So many connections!
Gadget Boy and other spin-offs
Matthrew Broderick, and French Stewart
Australia doesn’t want Captain Planet
Does the dog have to wear a dress?
You can’t stop Uncle Owen

REVEALED!!!  Dr. Claw's face.

REVEALED!!! Dr. Claw's face.

Mentioned in the episode is the special Best Of at1UP, featuring the theory that Boba Fett is actually a bumbling idiot. Later in this podcast, the 1UP staff tries to guess what the Blade Kitten game is about. See?! There are all these connections!


Episode 51: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Side-By-Side – 1987 Vs. 2003

Turtles Forever

The Mirage Era goes out with a bang

We’re back to a standard episode this week to do a very special Ninja Turtles retrospective. Today we talk about the ’87 Turtles, the ’03 Turtles, and everything in between. Joining us again this week are JT of Authentic Geek and Kittyhawk of Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki.

We love the Turtles. Though only one show can emerge victorious, this isn’t quite the landslide that was our X-Men Side-By-Side. Both shows here are recommendable. Just stay away from anything involving rewinds or red skies.

April’s cleavage
Destroying the Technodrome cures Splinter
Battletoads still sucks ass
Donatello and Jack Kirby save Asgard
Shredder vs. Skeletor vs. Cobra Commander
Neil can find cartoon-accurate live-action hotties


We loves us some sexy April!

Sexy Irma

JT is responsible for this, and he will pay!

April’s well-animated ass in an otherwise poorly-animated cartoon

Click here for even more ’87 Ninja Turtles animation errors.

Episode 39: Localization (Defending Carl Macek)


Pineapple salad cannot kill Roy!

Today, we were joined by Kittyhawk and voice actor Brett Weaver to talk about the fine art of localization. We also talk about Carl Macek a bit, but not as much as we had planned. Maybe we can return to Carl at a later date.

As for today’s episode, you have 100 minutes to look forward to of us rambling about why the anime snobs of the 90s were all wrong.

Topics discussed:
Streamline Pictures
Tomato soup
Ninja consultants
Averting archaic internet memes based on bad localizations
Random falling H’s
“No” DOES mean “Yes”!
Making fun of Sandy Fox
Singing… IN JAPANESE!!!
The white Richard Roundtree

Ninja Consultant

Fortress Maximus meets with Ninja Consultant Six Shot to balance his budget... IN STEALTH!!!


"He's a bad mother..." "Shut your mouth!" "I'm just talkin' about Nabeshin!"

Jenny Stigile - Singer of the "Magic Knight Rayearth" Saturn theme

Once again, we agree that Jenny Stigile is the superior MKR singer to Sandy Fox.