Dear Viz! We Want Toonmakers Sailor Moon!

So, Viz put out a trailer announcing the entire Sailor Moon series, uncut, newly dubbed, and on Blu Ray. It’ll also be on Hulu.

Some people are upset that the original dub won’t be re-released. I’m okay with it. The original dub was kind of a mess and went out of its way to censor things. The only thing I’ll really miss is Molly’s Brooklyn accent. Meanwhile, everyone else will be celebrating Zoicite’s sex change back into a man and the lesbian Sailor Scouts Senshi. No more cousins!

But if I may, there’s one demand I’d like to make, and I hope Viz can comply. I want that Toonmakers pilot of the American Sailor Moon. You remember the one, right? The one with the girl in the wheel chair and the horrible, horrible 90s animation.

This one:

C’mon, Viz! Make it happen!

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Episode 127: Sailor Moon

I shall punish you!

I shall punish you!

This week, we’re joined by Kittyhawk and Abby Lehrke to talk about Sailor Moon!

Yes, after many weeks of giving it the stink eye and pulling my hair out, it’s the Sailor Moon episode. Normally, I can clean up the audio and present you with a pristine podcast. But, one of our recorders failed, so I had to default to the Skype recorder and using other recordings to fill in some of the mess.

For the most part, it sounds okay, but you’ll notice some crackling and background noise. I tried my best.

Episode 114: The Vision Of Escaflowne

Vision Of Escaflowne

Vision Of Escaflowne

This week, it’s The Vision of Escaflowne! In this series, a girl is whisked away to a planet called Gaea, a world of robot mecha and divining powers.

Kittyhawk and the Chu take over this episode and a lot of passion for the show, both positive and negative, comes to the surface. Things become heated for a moment, but we’re all cool in the end.

This episode may have some of the longest stretches of audio in which neither Ben nor Neil say ANYTHING.

Episode 93: Cartoons Based On Fighting Games

Street Fighter II Movie

Admit it. You got it for the shower scene.

Tonight we have JT from Saskatoon joining us on our first ever Live Broadcasted episode! And what do we talk about? Cartoons based on fighting games!

Surprisingly a lot of American productions in this list, but it’s still mostly anime. We again talk about the horrors on USA Cartoon Express while mostly trying not to repeat ourselves. But as bad as that was, some of the anime ain’t much better. I even mention my all-time worst anime experience on this episode.

Topics Covered
Jiggly boob characters
The Ambigously Gay Duo
Chun-Li’s shower scene
Jobbing Cammy
They found Captain Winkie
I like turtles
The Derrivery Guy!
Learn what a succubus does!
Conveyor belts – Obobo’s only weakness
Kevin Nash can’t move
Street Combat – secretly a Ranma game
And lots of help from the chat room!

Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer

A fucking ugly ass anime with the worst dub track I have ever heard!


What is happening in this scene? Why are these cartoons drawn so badly. Goddammit, USA Cartoon Express!!! I thought you were cool once!

Double Dragon

Touching swords.

Episode 77: He-Man and The Terrible Era of Filmation!


Orko!!! How did you get in here?! Don't tell anyone what you saw!

Well, it was coming sooner or later. We’ve delved into Filmation. On this episode, we talk mainly about He-Man and its spin-offs. Other topics include a very disorganized look back at the history of Filmation, Daffy Duck Meets The Groovy Ghoulies, the Faux Busters, Happily Ever After, the legacy of Lou Scheimer, and even a lost “gem” that Erika Scheimer didn’t want the world to know about.

Yes, it’s He-Man tonight, ladies and gentlemen. And helping us is Andy, a listener of the show and quite the He-Man buff himself. While we blast the (extremely) limited animation and overuse of rotoscoping, Andy brings in his knowledge about the toy franchise.

Topics covered:
How to pronounce Conan
“…but, Adam!”
Teela is fucking stupid!
Two men on a horse
Orko walked in on He-Man with his sword in his hand
Theatrical five-part episodes
Taking moral advice from a klepto
Skeletor’s faceturn
Princess Adora is hot
The New Adventures… not how I remembered ’em!
King Randor kicks ass in the ’02 series!

Also, be sure to check out Blanchard’s Powers Of Grayskull series for a more indepth, episode-by-episode coverage.

Well, this looks rather...erm... you know...

Boy, when Teela finds out about this...

Adora Transforms

Only 25 years to get an action figure