Episode 136: The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy

The Lord of the Rings

Today, we look at The Lord of the Rings animation trilogy. Combining films produced by both Rankin Bass and Ralph Bakshi, the trilogy loosely tells a story in three films that apparently Peter Jackson is going to tell in six.

As usual, we give our thoughts on what we like and what we don’t. Two movies are worth a watch. One is not. I’m sure you know which one.

Joining us on this ride through insanity is Kittyhawk, and Pablo drops by later in the show! Yep, the gang’s all here for this spectacular jaunt through Middle Earth.

We also have a MAMMOTH pre-show, the longest ever, in which we talk about the bullshit that is Platinum Studios and their acquisition and subsequent destruction of Drunk Duck.

And oh yeah… Cowboy And Aliens can eat a dick!


Episode 74: Spider-Man Through The Ages

60's Spider-Man

Wait... What the heck is he swinging from?!

This week, we’re joined by Space Captain Steve of Blade Kitten and Hal Hefner of Heavy Metal’s Gates, as we talk about Spider-Man through the ages! We go over pretty much every Spider-Man animated cartoon ever made, and even some of the live action ones. We talk about all incarnations of Spidey, Peter’s love life, and our ideal production of Spider-Man.

In a bonus round, we’re joined by 1UP’s Bob Mackey, where we make a discovery of something that was overlooked in the main part of the show. Could this episode be…TO BE CONTINUED!?!??

Spectacular Spider-Man

Again I ask; considering how far up he is, what exactly is he swinging from?