Episode 96: John Kricfalusi

John Kricfalusi

John K – Professional Screwball

Joy! It’s the John K episode! John K was the groundbreaking animator who brought us Ren & Stimpy, The Adult Party Cartoon Show, The Ripping Friends, and two new Ranger Smith cartoons.

Tonight, we’re joined by internet animator Spazkid! Please check out his YouTube channel.

We talk about:
Creator-driving cartoons! What a concept!
Working on some of the worst cartoons of all-time
The astonishingly short list of Spümcø programming
“A Day In The Life Of Ranger Smith”
“Boo Boo Runs Wild”
Eating a girl’s face off
Ripping Friends
Powered Toast Man!
Jimmy The Retarded Boy
The Three Stooges
Games Studio
Bob Jaques
Bob Clampett
Ed Benedict

Ren and Stimpy

The cartoon that changed everything.

Eddie's clean hand

Eddie’s clean hand

Taken from "Stimpy's Invention"

Actual production note from Nickelodeon: “Change duck to woodpecker.”
John K’s response: “No.”

Disciplinary action!

John K pays homage to classic H-B cartoons with the help of Ed Benedict!

Ripping Friends

Weird show, but still animated better than most cartoons on at the time.

Hot Dog and Bun

John K tried to get this obviously dirty joke onto Fox Kids. And he kind of succeeded.