Episode 79: Akira and Ghost In The Shell

Ghost In The Shell

oh shit...

Ben and I were indecisive as whether to do Ghost In The Shell or Akira…so because we’re masochists, we decided to do both. At long last, we’ve decided to take on the two more pretentious anime movies ever made!

To be fair, our gripe with Akira is mostly directed at how overhyped it is. Yes, we know the animation is absolutely gorgeous, but the story itself is nothing particularly special. Oh, and it’s also way too long. It’s padded out with pseudo-philosophical mumbo-jumbo that nobody can follow, because it makes no damn sense. It’s fun watching gorgeous animation of a city getting torn to bits, but I shouldn’t have to sit through 100 minutes of nonsense about ameoba children in order to get to that part.

And then there’s Ghost In The Shell. Finally, you guys get to hear why I hate this movie and everything it inspires. Get ready for a smackdown on the existential crisis genre of anime, because I lay the hate down on this film. It’s not even animated as well as Akira. It’s slow, boring, and had me fidgeting in my seat, despite being 40 minutes shorter. Ghost In The Shell might be the king of pretentious anime.

This episode is about:
The star child
Ninja Turtles and Power Rangers
“Get your ass to Mars!”
“Kakarot!!! I mean…Kaneda!!!”
Ooshi must be stopped, no matter the cost.
Fuck both of these films; watch Roujin Z
Watch Dominion Tank Police, too.

Oh, here’s something that drives me crazy. I wouldn’t hate Ghost In The Shell half as much if I didn’t know so many people who make the exact following argument.

"It's different when it's my favorite anime!"

If you've ever made this argument, do the world a favor and kindly get over yourself.

As someone who enjoys shit like Dirty Pair, Slayers, or Tenchi, I at least have the candidness to tell you that I like it because of the sexy girls. Anyone who tries to tell you that there’s a deeper meaning to Kusanagi wearing a thong is a condescending prick.

I'm sure these are all just coincidences

I'm sure these are all just coincidences

Kaneda on his bike


Shit we forgot to mention:

Kid Kusanagi

Kid Kusanagi

Episode 18 – Neon Genesis Evangelical Church

Shinji Scream


Tim and Rob sync up with us in this episode to talk about Evangelion. I was fortunate enough to get pulled away from the show for nearly 45 minutes while the topic continued, but while I was gone, the panel conspired against me by adding a bunch of audio drops from the show. Overall, we discussed the imagery and characters of Eva and came the horrible conclusion that we may need to do a second part to this. Kill me now.

Folks, if I never hear another Shinji scream as long as I live, it’ll be too soon.

This episode is about:
Shinji whining.
Shinji screaming.
Congratulations, Shinji!
Random Christian imagery.
The Gainax Effect. (Two of them!)
Rei III is creepy.
People exploding into orange Tang.
Tiffany Grant is hot and cosplays as her own characters.
We love Monica Rial, no matter what that Tim says!
We hate the weeaboos.
We also hate rap.
Robotech DVD sales > Eva DVD sales. (Eat it!)

Tiffany Grant cosplaying as Asuka

No pizza, and no Chinese!