Episode 126: Star Wars Cartoons

The GOOD Clone Wars

The GOOD Clone Wars

This week, we’re joined by Pablo in a galaxy far, far away. We talk about a number of Star Wars cartoons, in particular Droids and Ewoks. We conclude that both were pretty wretched.

After the show, we have was is apparently an impromptu episode of Comic Connoisseurs. In essence, today’s podcast is a two-in one show, as our post show is as long as the main show. In the extended segment, we talk about our experiences as webcomic authors and spill some webcomic community dirt.

Links to our stuff
The Crossoverlord
Majestic Knight
Hero Academy
Point Guardian

One moooooore thing:
Between the first and second segments, you’ll hear a clip in which “Bill Cosby” reads the opening crawl to Star Wars Episode 2. This is actually an old clip from DVDpodBLAST. It’s an old favorite podcast of mine, in which a bunch of mid-westerners transplanted to north Hollywood record their own alternative commentaries for some of the worst movies ever made. Nothing is scripted, and they’re funnier than Riff Trax.

There, I said it. Blasted, Riff Trax!

Check out their entire archive rightch’ere!

Episode 116: Genndy Tartakovsky

This is awesome!

This is awesome!

Tonight, we’re joined by Pablo to talk about animation great, Genndy Tartakovsky!

Dexter’s Lab
Powerpuff Girls
Samurai Jack
Sym-Bionic Titan
…and more!

Episode 39: Localization (Defending Carl Macek)


Pineapple salad cannot kill Roy!

Today, we were joined by Kittyhawk and voice actor Brett Weaver to talk about the fine art of localization. We also talk about Carl Macek a bit, but not as much as we had planned. Maybe we can return to Carl at a later date.

As for today’s episode, you have 100 minutes to look forward to of us rambling about why the anime snobs of the 90s were all wrong.

Topics discussed:
Streamline Pictures
Tomato soup
Ninja consultants
Averting archaic internet memes based on bad localizations
Random falling H’s
“No” DOES mean “Yes”!
Making fun of Sandy Fox
Singing… IN JAPANESE!!!
The white Richard Roundtree

Ninja Consultant

Fortress Maximus meets with Ninja Consultant Six Shot to balance his budget... IN STEALTH!!!


"He's a bad mother..." "Shut your mouth!" "I'm just talkin' about Nabeshin!"

Jenny Stigile - Singer of the "Magic Knight Rayearth" Saturn theme

Once again, we agree that Jenny Stigile is the superior MKR singer to Sandy Fox.

Episode 19 – Muppet Babies


The stuff of horrors.

We’re down in the basement, putting on a show. We’re joined this week by Stephenie O’Donnell, Aisaku, and Pablo Praino. We talk about the first and only good kid-ified cartoon ever made, Muppet Babies, by the only man who could ever pull off such a show, Jim Henson.


We talk about why the show worked. We talk about how it influenced other shows. We even talk about that one segment that everyone forgot about.

Topics discussed:
Muppet orphans.
Headless Nanny.
TARDIS is the nursery.
Scientology propaganda.
Breaking up the Muppet sausage fest.
Bean Bunny, Robin, and Janice show up.
Baby Fonzie jumps the shark.
The dark side of Frank Welker.
That piece of trivia that everybody knows.
Neil drops a bit of season 2 trivia that nobody remembers.
Shemp is better than Curly, and lots of other digressions.
And it all takes place in an autistic kid’s brain.

Muppet Babies Live!

Giant Muppet Babies on stage!

Yeah! That's the TICKET!

Check the date. Stephenie went to see Muppet Babies Live two weeks before Jim Henson's death.

Episode 16 – Star Wars Clone Wars (2003 vs 2008)

This is AWESOME!

Mike Blanchard, you are so wrong about this! This shit is AWESOME!!!

Today we’re joined by Mike Blanchard of Geekcast Radio, Aisaku of Hero Academy, and Essay Bee of Fusion, and we’re talking about two series with the same name: CLONE WARS!


Show topics:
Mike needs his eyes and ears checked
Ahsoka should be dead
Jar Jar is smarter than he looks
“LIAR!” …and other great acting bits
Ghost Hand
Peg leg Jedis
Buddy comedies
George Lucas pulls a dick move
Stan Lee and Ahnud stink up the air waves
Fox’s Spider-Man still blows

Mentioned in the show:
Star Wars Episode III – Abridged by GeeksOn (Must listen!)

Also, check out Neil’s newest appearance on The Nerd News Network!

Ghost hand force choke!

Ghost hand force choke!



She should be DEAD!

One image that ruins the credibility of the entire show. She should be dead at Grievous' feet!

Hey! It's Bucky O'Hare!

Worse than Jar Jar!