Episode 22 – Tiffany Grant!

"No pizza and no Chinese..."

Oh boy, guys! Heaven can wait, we have Tiffany Grant! A fun-filled episode where we learn about a legendary voice actress’s methods. This is so special that I, Ben Carver, am writing this post! Mr. Neil can’t be the ‘man behind the curtain’ the whole time, right? Rob spilled orange tang on his clothes and later on, also embarrasses himself! We bombard Tiffany with industry questions, and even questions about her interior decorating.

Topics covered:
Rapture was late
Tiffany’s acting method
Industry Secrets
The Gurren that almost was…
Hello Kitty bathroom and the picture that Tiffany Refused to take
Tiffany Grant’s Asuka lost a contest?
We don’t know anyone named Lucy Moralez or Helen Bed

Oh, and the guys and I tried hard restraining ourselves from asking Tiffany doing voices… we MOSTY succeeded.

Overall, this was an awesome episode! Come back next week, and we will have more fan service!

Serena from Slayers


Asuka Langley Soryu

"What are you? STUPID?!"


Tiffany always plays the one named Kyouko in Nuku-Nuku, even after she switched heads with Arisa.

Becky from Gunsmith Cats

"No pizza and..." Yeah, you get the joke by now.

Episode 12 – Super Dimension Fortress Macross (and Robotech)


Stage fright! Go away! This is our big day! In today’s exciting entry in the continuing odyssey of Animation Aficionados, Ben and Neil are joined by Tim the Canadian Macross expert after a first attempt at this episode ended in disaster. We talk about giant planes that can transform into pilotable mecha, with the intent to battling an alien race composed entirely of giant raging virgins.

After a brief history lesson in Robotechnology, the gang moves onto the show that everyone wants to talk about and never again mentions Southern Cross or Mospaeda. MAAAA-KUUUU-ROOOOSSSS!!!!!

Topics covered:
Do You Remember Love is beautiful
Maximilian Jenius is the greatest human being to ever live
Dueling Minmays; which would we murder first?
Admiral Hunter has an Ahab moment and becomes a genocidal maniac
The Shadow Chronicles is a titillating addition to the Robotech saga
Robotech was nearly grafted onto the continuity of another show (Oh the irony!)
Skyfire has a gerwalk mode (from the episode “Day Of The Machines,” by the way)
Simon Furman likes to destroy Go-Bots
Salads can be deadly
Carl Macek gets props
Toby MaGuire does not
You can end wars by singing
You can still fight when yerrrr drunk!

Also, nobody mentions Kaifun, the worst character in Macross. Yay!

Oh, and finally, here is the clip of Machine Robo with the most recognizable Go-Bots designs. Surreal, isn’t it?