Episode 27 – Animation 101


AKOM - Made from the worst shit on Earth!

In this week’s almost-but-not-quite-epic-length episode, we’re joined by Pablo Praino to talk about the animation industry as a whole. We talk about the techniques, the terminology, and the evolution of the medium as a whole. Legendary icons are discussed. Bruce Timm, Bill Hanna and Joe Barbera, John Kricfalusi, Walt Disney, Lou Scheimer, Chuck Jones, and more.

We also crack a lot of jokes and riff on Rodimus Prime a bit more.

Discussed in this episode:
Good animation is like a fine wine
You can get sued for being a good impersonator
GoAnimate: The Family Guy generator
Feet are sexy
Don’t listen to that Murakami kid
AKOM sucks

We also invaded This Week In Geek again to talk about The Green Lantern!

Animation 101

The faces of animation over the decades.

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