Episode 93: Cartoons Based On Fighting Games

Street Fighter II Movie

Admit it. You got it for the shower scene.

Tonight we have JT from Saskatoon joining us on our first ever Live Broadcasted episode! And what do we talk about? Cartoons based on fighting games!

Surprisingly a lot of American productions in this list, but it’s still mostly anime. We again talk about the horrors on USA Cartoon Express while mostly trying not to repeat ourselves. But as bad as that was, some of the anime ain’t much better. I even mention my all-time worst anime experience on this episode.

Topics Covered
Jiggly boob characters
The Ambigously Gay Duo
Chun-Li’s shower scene
Jobbing Cammy
They found Captain Winkie
I like turtles
The Derrivery Guy!
Learn what a succubus does!
Conveyor belts – Obobo’s only weakness
Kevin Nash can’t move
Street Combat – secretly a Ranma game
And lots of help from the chat room!

Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer

A fucking ugly ass anime with the worst dub track I have ever heard!


What is happening in this scene? Why are these cartoons drawn so badly. Goddammit, USA Cartoon Express!!! I thought you were cool once!

Double Dragon

Touching swords.

Episode 89: Bleach

Seriously, Neil never watched this?!

Seriously, Neil never watched this?!

Tonight on Animation Aficionados, we come closer to finishing our Shonen Jump series with Bleach! A series about death gods, grim reapers, shinigami, and people in black kimonos with katanas. We promise this episode will not sound too HOLLOW… And sadly, Neil barely talks, because… wait… all the sexy girls here, Neil NEVER WATCHED THIS?!?

Topics Covered
Seeing Dead People
Rescue Arc!
Comedy cutting through bullshit
Filler Arcs!

Episode 88: Don Bluth

Don Bluth

Legendary animator Don Bluth

Don Bluth, American animator. Some people revere him as an icon of quality animation in the 80s and 90s, while others say, “Huh, I thought that was a Disney film.” Regardless, Don Bluth’s movies are beloved and cherished, in spite of some of their flaws.

Joining us tonight is The Chu of Slightly Damned as we talk about such Bluth projects as The Secret Of NIMH, An American Tail, Dragon’s Lair, All Dogs Go To Heaven, The Land Before Time, Rockadoodle, A Troll In Central Park, Thumbelina, Titan AE, and more! Plus we talk about some of the fever dream sequels, such as Feivel Goes West (no seriously, American Tail 3 writes it off as a dream!) and all of those shitty Land Before Time direct-to-video sequels.

By the way, this was just a few days prior to our appearance on TGT Media, which we mention briefly on this show. After you’re done listening to this episode, you should hop over there and listen to our interview.

Mine is the rooster that pierces the heavens!
The big-lipped alligator moment has a point to the plot, DOUG!
Need to brush up on your third act.
If you can’t beat Speilberg, join Speilberg.
LIving in the shadow of Disney
An Internet Troll in Central Park
Non-Bluth sequels
Bluth’s vidja games

Cute Feivel

The innocent charm of Feivel makes our hearts melt.

Light our darkest hour!

You’ve got the POWAAAAAAAAAH!!!! YEAH!

Princess Daphne

There’s the token babe.

From good to shit

This is a travesty. This is like if Filmation did a sequel to Pinocchio. …oh wait.

Episode 87: Cynthia Martinez Interview

Cynthia Martinez

Watch it! She can blow you up!

Tonight we interview Cynthia Martinez, voice actress from ADV, the voice behind many characters from Slayers, Madlax, Martian Successor Nadesico, Godannar, Kaleido Star, Galaxy Fraulein Yuna, Excel Saga, Puni Puni Poemy, and many more!

We mostly talked about Slayers, but we asked Cynthia for some of her best booth stories. And boy did we some! Cynthia was hilarious, and we enjoyed having her on the show. We’ll have to get her back some time.

Cynthia is also in a Latin acoustic band called SinTema. Check them out at www.reverbnation.com/sintema

The screaming Lina
Making fun of a twelve-year-old’s breast size
Funny stories from the sound booth
“Mah leg”
Man Lina
Lisa Ortiz vs. Cynthia Martinez
Puni Puni Poemy

Boob Rest

Puni Puni Poemy… Believe it or not, this is TAME.

Slayers Movie Collection

Cynthia is exclusive to the Slayers movies and OVAs.

Episode 85: Gunsmith Cats

We are very happy to have Tiffany Grant back again to talk about Gunsmith Cats! A show that is so american, it’s awesome! Like an 80’s action flick, it has chicks, guns, and cars. Rally might prefer a 9mm, but we won’t hold it against her! The best thing about Gunsmith Cats, I think is the ambiance, the sound design. Good thing Tiffany’s here to keep us on task!

Topics Covered
Getting every gun sound right
Stallone’s Cobra’s got the Touch!
Chicago land!
“No Pizza…” you know the rest!

Not Kosher

Not Kosher