Episode 148: Carl Macek and Robotech

Lynn Minmay

Lynn Minmay

Yep, we’re back with a do-over episode. Many months ago, we produced an episode in which we were to talk about Carl Macek. Somehow, we went almost the entire episode without even so much as mentioning him; a fact which perturbed me for some time.

Well, this has been amended. Sometimes revered, other times reviled, Carl Macek left behind an incredible legacy of work and undoubtedly paved the way for the anime market that came after Robotech.

Here we have the somewhat complete story of the amazing career of Carl Macek, though we did skip over some things, such as his time at DiC and Spumco. We talk about his rise with Harmony Gold, the rise and fall of Streamline Pictures, and his time at ADV.

We also tread through the Robotech saga again, this time a bit more in detail. And if any of this is at all confusing, don’t worry. You’re running about average. Truth be told, Robotech shows its seams, and even with additional animated content made to bridge the three separate sagas, it still is an obvious hodgepodge of content.

I still very much recommend ADV’s dub of Macross, IF you can still find it.

Robotech - The Macross Saga

Robotech – The Macross Saga

Dirty Pair - Flight 005 Conspiracy

Dirty Pair – Flight 005 Conspiracy

The Professional: Golgo 13

The Professional: Golgo 13

Episode 39: Localization (Defending Carl Macek)


Pineapple salad cannot kill Roy!

Today, we were joined by Kittyhawk and voice actor Brett Weaver to talk about the fine art of localization. We also talk about Carl Macek a bit, but not as much as we had planned. Maybe we can return to Carl at a later date.

As for today’s episode, you have 100 minutes to look forward to of us rambling about why the anime snobs of the 90s were all wrong.

Topics discussed:
Streamline Pictures
Tomato soup
Ninja consultants
Averting archaic internet memes based on bad localizations
Random falling H’s
“No” DOES mean “Yes”!
Making fun of Sandy Fox
Singing… IN JAPANESE!!!
The white Richard Roundtree

Ninja Consultant

Fortress Maximus meets with Ninja Consultant Six Shot to balance his budget... IN STEALTH!!!


"He's a bad mother..." "Shut your mouth!" "I'm just talkin' about Nabeshin!"

Jenny Stigile - Singer of the "Magic Knight Rayearth" Saturn theme

Once again, we agree that Jenny Stigile is the superior MKR singer to Sandy Fox.

Episode 12 – Super Dimension Fortress Macross (and Robotech)


Stage fright! Go away! This is our big day! In today’s exciting entry in the continuing odyssey of Animation Aficionados, Ben and Neil are joined by Tim the Canadian Macross expert after a first attempt at this episode ended in disaster. We talk about giant planes that can transform into pilotable mecha, with the intent to battling an alien race composed entirely of giant raging virgins.

After a brief history lesson in Robotechnology, the gang moves onto the show that everyone wants to talk about and never again mentions Southern Cross or Mospaeda. MAAAA-KUUUU-ROOOOSSSS!!!!!

Topics covered:
Do You Remember Love is beautiful
Maximilian Jenius is the greatest human being to ever live
Dueling Minmays; which would we murder first?
Admiral Hunter has an Ahab moment and becomes a genocidal maniac
The Shadow Chronicles is a titillating addition to the Robotech saga
Robotech was nearly grafted onto the continuity of another show (Oh the irony!)
Skyfire has a gerwalk mode (from the episode “Day Of The Machines,” by the way)
Simon Furman likes to destroy Go-Bots
Salads can be deadly
Carl Macek gets props
Toby MaGuire does not
You can end wars by singing
You can still fight when yerrrr drunk!

Also, nobody mentions Kaifun, the worst character in Macross. Yay!

Oh, and finally, here is the clip of Machine Robo with the most recognizable Go-Bots designs. Surreal, isn’t it?