Episode 18 – Neon Genesis Evangelical Church

Shinji Scream


Tim and Rob sync up with us in this episode to talk about Evangelion. I was fortunate enough to get pulled away from the show for nearly 45 minutes while the topic continued, but while I was gone, the panel conspired against me by adding a bunch of audio drops from the show. Overall, we discussed the imagery and characters of Eva and came the horrible conclusion that we may need to do a second part to this. Kill me now.

Folks, if I never hear another Shinji scream as long as I live, it’ll be too soon.

This episode is about:
Shinji whining.
Shinji screaming.
Congratulations, Shinji!
Random Christian imagery.
The Gainax Effect. (Two of them!)
Rei III is creepy.
People exploding into orange Tang.
Tiffany Grant is hot and cosplays as her own characters.
We love Monica Rial, no matter what that Tim says!
We hate the weeaboos.
We also hate rap.
Robotech DVD sales > Eva DVD sales. (Eat it!)

Tiffany Grant cosplaying as Asuka

No pizza, and no Chinese!