Episode 152: Homestar Runner

The Homestar Runner Cast

The Homestar Runner Cast

This week, we talk about the Homestar Runner! Joining us is Kittyhawk of SGVY.com! We talk about kicking the Cheat and dropping heavy lourdes on Homsar.

We also discuss other early internet phenomena, such as Camp Chaos, the Fic Bitches, Cat Man, Regurge, Twisted Wire, Odd Todd, and other weird things we used to look up on the internet ten or more years ago.

Visit homestarrunner.com!

Episode 134: Adult Swim

Adult Swim

Adult Swim

All kids out of the pool! We’re joined by Ren of Marshmellow Surprise to talk about Cartoon Network’s late night adult animation block!

Is Adult Swim a second life for shows previous abused by the Fox Network, or is it frat party for Flash animators?

Only one truth prevails.

Episode 68: Derpygate


Hasbro says: "HERPA DERP DERP DERP!"

Today’s episode of Animation Aficionados is a very special segmented episodes. We begin with a brief discussion about “Listeners Fight Back”, the first episode of which will air next week. Then, Tom Revor and Kittyhawk join us for a discussion about EDerpygate. We then feature a very special (and very long) look at the history of video game RPGs. Why? Because we’re dorks, and we love breaking the monotony.

Hasbro’s IP fetish
Vocal minorities ruin television
Other derpy cartoon characters
Tom’s brony sound board
“It’s the Sears Tower.”
Kittyhawk scars us for life with “BOOYAH!”

Bonus discussion:
Final Fantasy (all of them)
Shining Force III
Breath of Fire II
Albert Odyssey
Phantasy Star
Panzer Dragoon Saga
Arc The Lad

"Whatchoo talkin' bout, Willis?!"

It's the Sears Tower.

Chrono Trigger's bad ending.

The Chrono Trigger ending that EVERYONE got to see.

Episode 35: Harry Partridge

A kinder, gentler animator with one of his beloved characters...

Harry Partridge the world (in)famous internet animator joins us for a very special interview!  We were planning this interview for over half a year and it finally happens!  Neil and I were VERY excited and we’ll do our best to not fill this post with Harry’s video, all available on his youtube channel.  We learn why non-tweened Flash animation just LOOKS better, some of Harry’s favorite cartoons growing up, and much more!

Show Topics:
The Miley Cyrus show
Imitating Filmation(lovingly?)
Stephen the Lesbian
How easy it is to sound American
26 episodes of Nicholas Cage wanting CAKE!
Christian Weston Chandler!(yeah, we’re sorry about that….)