Episode 77: He-Man and The Terrible Era of Filmation!


Orko!!! How did you get in here?! Don't tell anyone what you saw!

Well, it was coming sooner or later. We’ve delved into Filmation. On this episode, we talk mainly about He-Man and its spin-offs. Other topics include a very disorganized look back at the history of Filmation, Daffy Duck Meets The Groovy Ghoulies, the Faux Busters, Happily Ever After, the legacy of Lou Scheimer, and even a lost “gem” that Erika Scheimer didn’t want the world to know about.

Yes, it’s He-Man tonight, ladies and gentlemen. And helping us is Andy, a listener of the show and quite the He-Man buff himself. While we blast the (extremely) limited animation and overuse of rotoscoping, Andy brings in his knowledge about the toy franchise.

Topics covered:
How to pronounce Conan
“…but, Adam!”
Teela is fucking stupid!
Two men on a horse
Orko walked in on He-Man with his sword in his hand
Theatrical five-part episodes
Taking moral advice from a klepto
Skeletor’s faceturn
Princess Adora is hot
The New Adventures… not how I remembered ’em!
King Randor kicks ass in the ’02 series!

Also, be sure to check out Blanchard’s Powers Of Grayskull series for a more indepth, episode-by-episode coverage.

Well, this looks rather...erm... you know...

Boy, when Teela finds out about this...

Adora Transforms

Only 25 years to get an action figure

Special Episode: Archie Aficionados!

Greatest WTF moment in comics history

Greatest WTF Moment in Comics History

This week, we were joined by Gisèle Lagacé and Kittyhawk for our second Sexy Girls show. However, we ended up talking about Archie Comics for a good portion of the pre-show and about twenty minutes of the actual show itself. These parts have been spliced together with a little editing sleight-of-hand to present a special preface for our Sexy Girls 2 episode. So while you wait for the main program, please enjoy our special Archie Aficionados!

The Girls:
…even Ethel

Cheryl Blossom

Neil's favorite Archie harem girl

Also discussed:
Archie the schemer
Crazy Betty
The Harem of Archie
Archie meets the Punisher
Singing Archies
The New Archies
Josie In Outer Space
Loosening up Pepper
Prettying-up Ethel
Alexandra = Betty and Veronica doing the fusion dance

Archie at the Beach

The REAL reason we loved Archie when growing up.

Stuff we forgot to mention: