Episode 156: The Worst of Tom & Jerry

The Worst of Tom & Jerry

The Worst of Tom & Jerry

Happy Halloween!

Nothing says Halloween like terrible Tom & Jerry cartoons!(???)

Yes, we’ll be talking about the Filmation Tom & Jerry Comedy Hour as well as Hanna Barbera’s Tom & Jerry Show. We’ll also mention Gene Deitch and “The Karate Guard”.

Strangely, we never mentioned the movie. Perhaps that’s for the best.

Also mentioned:

Episode 118: We Double-Checked, Filmation Still Sucks

Fat Abbot

The show this is from is better animated than anything Filmation ever did.

“Inspired” by a recent altercation over something completely irrelevant, Ben and I tread over some familiar ground and stomp all over Filmation a second time. We talk about some shows so unimportant that we don’t even remember their names, and we mock the overuse of stock footage for which Filmation is so remembered.

In a bonus round, we also talk about the next Ninja Turtles crossover. Seriously, one was enough.

Episode 98: Ghostbusters

Tonight, listener Tim Silvers joins us to talk about Ghostbusters.

The REAL Ghostbusters

Real Ghostbusters or Faux Busters? Hmm…

Episode 88: Don Bluth

Don Bluth

Legendary animator Don Bluth

Don Bluth, American animator. Some people revere him as an icon of quality animation in the 80s and 90s, while others say, “Huh, I thought that was a Disney film.” Regardless, Don Bluth’s movies are beloved and cherished, in spite of some of their flaws.

Joining us tonight is The Chu of Slightly Damned as we talk about such Bluth projects as The Secret Of NIMH, An American Tail, Dragon’s Lair, All Dogs Go To Heaven, The Land Before Time, Rockadoodle, A Troll In Central Park, Thumbelina, Titan AE, and more! Plus we talk about some of the fever dream sequels, such as Feivel Goes West (no seriously, American Tail 3 writes it off as a dream!) and all of those shitty Land Before Time direct-to-video sequels.

By the way, this was just a few days prior to our appearance on TGT Media, which we mention briefly on this show. After you’re done listening to this episode, you should hop over there and listen to our interview.

Mine is the rooster that pierces the heavens!
The big-lipped alligator moment has a point to the plot, DOUG!
Need to brush up on your third act.
If you can’t beat Speilberg, join Speilberg.
LIving in the shadow of Disney
An Internet Troll in Central Park
Non-Bluth sequels
Bluth’s vidja games

Cute Feivel

The innocent charm of Feivel makes our hearts melt.

Light our darkest hour!

You’ve got the POWAAAAAAAAAH!!!! YEAH!

Princess Daphne

There’s the token babe.

From good to shit

This is a travesty. This is like if Filmation did a sequel to Pinocchio. …oh wait.

Episode 84: Robin & The Dreamweavers

Robin & The Dreamweavers

So much worse than we could have ever imagined.

Yes, it’s here at last. Robin & The Dreamweavers. The darkest chapter of the Lou Scheimer legacy. This “movie” was brought to you by man who gave us Fat Albert & The Cosby Kids, Groovy Goolies, Faux Busters, Pinnochio & The Emperor of the Night, He-Man, and She-Ra. As it turns out, this isn’t a movie at all, but rather a very poorly made premium channel pilot. Much like the Gen 13 pilot, Robin & The Dreamweavers was doomed to a fate of obscurity upon completion. (That is, until the internet set it free!)

We’re joined this week by Kittyhawk and Trevor Jay. We had to steel ourselves to power through this thing. A couple of us didn’t make it. But for the most part, we’re unscathed.

By the way, please send in your Naga laughs! HO! HO! HO! Information at the beginning of the podcast.

Magic tattoo birthmarks
Reusing Bravestarr sets
TV Pilotitis
90s techno babble
Air drumming
Boob keyboard
Net raves
The Brogrammer
Gay Vincent Price
Roger Rabbit haxxor
Brenda: the original and true creator of Farmville
Doors to nowhere
Eye fetishes
A tube of cat urine
XXX’s giant phallus
Porn is evil
The truth about Sweedish school girls
A comet falls offscreen
The Scheimer exposition machine
This movie is NOT sexy

The following screen shots were color corrected, because the DVD transfer is really bad and washed out. The actual DVD looks like shit.

Air Drums

Air Drums

The Dreamweavers

Here are the Dreamweavers.
Also, get used to this background painting. You’ll be seeing it a lot!

The Cottage

Robin’s Frottage Cottage

The Brogrammer

A video game programmer trying to impress a girl. The pig!
Oh well. At least he didn’t try to pick her up in an elevator.

Brenda Plump

Here is the only panty shot in THE ENTIRE MOVIE. Yeah. It’s Brenda.


Dr. Octopus has a child with Shadow Weaver.

What is GOING ON here?!??!

Wait… What?! WHAT?!?!

Robin Soundtrack

Why would anyone WANT this?!

A Gift From Kittyhawk

Gee, look what arrived in the mail on the same day as this episode released!