Episode 83: The Simpsons – Side-by-Side

The Simpsons

The Simpsons

Tonight, we talk about America’s favorite disfunctional family, The Simpsons. Joining us tonight is Mike “TFG1” Blanchard of the Geekcast Radio Network, as we do a rather unorthadox side-by-side, comparing the first half of The Simpsons versus the second half to determine which is better.

The Simpsons is the longest-running animated prime time show. Over 20 years after it first hit the air, it’s still going strong. But has Simpsons hit its stride? Is it past it’s prime? Is it time to take the show behind the barn and put a 22 in its temple? We discuss this very issue on this week’s edition of Animation Aficionados!

“Hi, I’m Troy McClure.”
Homer is the real star
Continuity in-jokes
Holding off Seth MacFarlane Domination
Ned Flanders is a butt monkey
Simpsons All Growed Up
The McBane trailers
Deconstructing Itchy & Scratchy
Ray Romano compared to Snuffaluffagus (and nobody makes an Ice Age reference!)
“The real gold is in Weekend At Bernie’s 2!”
The greatest center square of all-time
John Lovitz atones for The Critic
Did Mike make a sodomy reference??!?!
Vegan Shaggy
Lisa, go to your room!

Episode 32: X-Men vs X-men Evolution – Side by Side

Sentinels at their absolute stupidest!

"It appears to be the Ace of Spades!"

This week, we’re joined by Geekcast creator and Evolution-denier, TFG1 Blanchard. We compare the original X-Men animated series to the more modern X-Men Evolution. We challenge our guest to make an argument in favor of the 1992 series.

Here’s a game for our listeners. Take a drink for every time Blanchard appeals to his nostalgia instead of the actual quality of the shows. You will be passed out before the show ends.

Episode Topics
“And that’s great, but…”
Only 267 awesome moments out of 52 episodes!
Not punching someone makes you a douche bag.
Having awesome horsemen is like Carly talking to Megatron. (WHAT?!)
“The name’s Bishop. Remember it.”
Giant robots in purple underwear
X-Men on a boat that can’t stop. Worst episode ever.
Shockingly, not a single creationism joke from Neil.
The only card you need is the Ace of Spades! The Ace of Spades!

Episode 7 – X-Men Evolution

A good series that doesn’t get the praise it deserves.  It was a well-written show with characters you actually like, compelling stories, appealing character models, and high quality animation.

Unfortunately, the show was pulled just as it was getting good.