Episode 103: The Disney Afternoon

Disney Afternoon Gang

The Disney Afternoon Gang

Hey! We’re here again with The Chu from Raizap and Rick from The United States of Geekdom. We’re talking about the Disney Afternoon. We’ll be going through the block from its earliest inception all the way to when it fell apart. It’s eighty minutes of us talking about furry bait characters, chipmunks dressed like Magnum PI, and Jim Cummings.

Next week, we’ll have a special Black Friday episode. Don’tcha dare miss it!

Episode 93: Cartoons Based On Fighting Games

Street Fighter II Movie

Admit it. You got it for the shower scene.

Tonight we have JT from Saskatoon joining us on our first ever Live Broadcasted episode! And what do we talk about? Cartoons based on fighting games!

Surprisingly a lot of American productions in this list, but it’s still mostly anime. We again talk about the horrors on USA Cartoon Express while mostly trying not to repeat ourselves. But as bad as that was, some of the anime ain’t much better. I even mention my all-time worst anime experience on this episode.

Topics Covered
Jiggly boob characters
The Ambigously Gay Duo
Chun-Li’s shower scene
Jobbing Cammy
They found Captain Winkie
I like turtles
The Derrivery Guy!
Learn what a succubus does!
Conveyor belts – Obobo’s only weakness
Kevin Nash can’t move
Street Combat – secretly a Ranma game
And lots of help from the chat room!

Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer

A fucking ugly ass anime with the worst dub track I have ever heard!


What is happening in this scene? Why are these cartoons drawn so badly. Goddammit, USA Cartoon Express!!! I thought you were cool once!

Double Dragon

Touching swords.

Episode 81: Gargoyles

I love Star Trek reunions

I love Star Trek reunions

Tonight we talk about Gargoyles, the action series created by Disney that the Mouse doesn’t know what the heck to do with. Co-created by Frank Paur and mostly written by Micheal Reaves, it is a good, solid series, if not slightly overrated by fans. We are joined by JT from Saskatoon to go over the particulars of this series.

Topics Covered
Ok ok, Greg Weisman helped too… I guess.
13 Backdoor Pilots
Star Trek Reunions
Japanese Episode to Japanese animators? Put the spurs to it!
The Green!(amigo!)
Ethnicity Not Important!
Let’s see, our organization needs hoods!
Greg always going back to Gargoyles

Episode 72: Batman Beyond

Tonight, we are finishing the long-unfinished DCAU series with Batman Beyond.

A dark, possible future for Batman, Batman Beyond balances out the bleak future with sly humor. Is it the “for sure” future? That’s up to you to decide.

Topics Discussed
Original Villians
Creepy Ra’s
Mad Stan Berkewitz
This Never Happened to the Other Fella
Terry’s Friend Dates a Robot!
Clown Gangs? Akira Influence?
The BatBoys from Brazil and the lost Batman Beyond movie!

Episode 37: DCAU Movies

DCAU Movies

Cinema: Bruce Timm Style

Mike TFG1 Blanchard joins us for the DC Animated Universe movies. This includes Batman: Mask Of The Phantasm, Batman & Mr. Freeze: Sub-Zero, and Batman Beyond: Return Of The Joker. We also discuss Mystery Of The Batwoman and Superman: Braniac Attack, and we ever so lightly touch upon World’s Finest and Starcrossed.

This episode is about:
Flappy fronts
World’s Finest Lesbians
The worlds suckiest CG submarine
The DCAU outlived the Gameboy
Don Bluth, film marketing scientist
Let’s break out the Tiki Torches!
Giving the middle finger to Joel Shumacher

Batman Beyond: Return Of The Joker

"I told you I'd shoot! But ya didn't believe me! Whyyyy didn't you believe me?!"