Episode 81: Gargoyles

I love Star Trek reunions

I love Star Trek reunions

Tonight we talk about Gargoyles, the action series created by Disney that the Mouse doesn’t know what the heck to do with. Co-created by Frank Paur and mostly written by Micheal Reaves, it is a good, solid series, if not slightly overrated by fans. We are joined by JT from Saskatoon to go over the particulars of this series.

Topics Covered
Ok ok, Greg Weisman helped too… I guess.
13 Backdoor Pilots
Star Trek Reunions
Japanese Episode to Japanese animators? Put the spurs to it!
The Green!(amigo!)
Ethnicity Not Important!
Let’s see, our organization needs hoods!
Greg always going back to Gargoyles

Episode 27 – Animation 101


AKOM - Made from the worst shit on Earth!

In this week’s almost-but-not-quite-epic-length episode, we’re joined by Pablo Praino to talk about the animation industry as a whole. We talk about the techniques, the terminology, and the evolution of the medium as a whole. Legendary icons are discussed. Bruce Timm, Bill Hanna and Joe Barbera, John Kricfalusi, Walt Disney, Lou Scheimer, Chuck Jones, and more.

We also crack a lot of jokes and riff on Rodimus Prime a bit more.

Discussed in this episode:
Good animation is like a fine wine
You can get sued for being a good impersonator
GoAnimate: The Family Guy generator
Feet are sexy
Don’t listen to that Murakami kid
AKOM sucks

We also invaded This Week In Geek again to talk about The Green Lantern!

Animation 101

The faces of animation over the decades.

Episode 15B – The Faux 25 part 2

It stinks!


It’s the final countdown! You’ve heard 25 thru 11. Now hear the final ten.

In this episode:
“Previously, on Animation Aficionados…”
Storm can match the Beyonder
Going into another dimension
Ben nearly kills Buster’s joke
Elmer in drag
Racist cartoons
Preachy cartoons
The Baby Fozzie Effect
The fireworks factory
Spümcø (sometimes) gets a bad wrap
CG motorcycles that don’t move
Seth MacFarlane talking to himself for a half hour
Jimmy Corrigan. ‘Nuff said.
Manatee jokes
Gee, can you guess what our #1 pick is?

The Motionless CG Bike

It's like watching money burning in a barrel, isnt it?

Ren & Stimpy - Worm Food

This is so much worse than how I remembered it.

Baby Fozzie

Baby Fozzie becomes a metaphor with which to attack other cartoons

Episode 15A – The Faux 25 part 1


Uh-Oh! One of Ben's picks draws controversy. Hmm... I wonder which one.

What once was whole was torn asunder (by Neil, since a 2-plus-hour episode was too much even for him).

Neil’s Note: An epic-length podcast?!  Not on my watch!

In this episodes, we talk about Reboot, and the fans who love it.  Bokurano was jokingly put on the list, then removed.   Does Winston truly taste good…like a cigarette should?  Clone Wars and it’s availability.  Williams Street’s productions are discussed in length.  Boondocks Preaching? NOOOOO!

Faux Part 2 coming soon!

Power Rangers Aficionados DEBUTS!

Matt Senko morphs into an Aficionado!

Matt Senko is FOREVER RED!

Welcome to the Power Rangers Aficionados! We’re joined this week by DVD PodBLAST’s Matt Senko! Matt was an extra on the original Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. We’re also joined by Geekcast’s own Jonathan Toderian.

We sat down this week look back upon the 18-year legacy of Power Rangers. Every show in the series is mentioned, and nearly all of them discussed. We even talk about the “lost episode”. Strangely, nobody mentioned Bulk and Skull.

Show topics:
Trainwrecks! (…and the people who watch them)
Behind the scenes of the Zordon Era
Giant robots assembled by helicopters
Goosing your Zords
Rodent Senseis
Dogs can be rangers, too
Quantasaurus Rex
Skating robot trains
Trapping enemies in YuGiOh cards
Evil Rangers
Emo Rangers
Zsa Zsa needs rent money
Mr. Belding does karaoke
Matt looks for a dull rusty knife
Jesus doesn’t tap
However, lying makes Baby Jesus cry

Piston Punch!

Piston Punch!



Actor inside of the Quantasaurus Rex costume:

Darren T. Mangler in a Jenny Craig commercial: