Episode 93: Cartoons Based On Fighting Games

Street Fighter II Movie

Admit it. You got it for the shower scene.

Tonight we have JT from Saskatoon joining us on our first ever Live Broadcasted episode! And what do we talk about? Cartoons based on fighting games!

Surprisingly a lot of American productions in this list, but it’s still mostly anime. We again talk about the horrors on USA Cartoon Express while mostly trying not to repeat ourselves. But as bad as that was, some of the anime ain’t much better. I even mention my all-time worst anime experience on this episode.

Topics Covered
Jiggly boob characters
The Ambigously Gay Duo
Chun-Li’s shower scene
Jobbing Cammy
They found Captain Winkie
I like turtles
The Derrivery Guy!
Learn what a succubus does!
Conveyor belts – Obobo’s only weakness
Kevin Nash can’t move
Street Combat – secretly a Ranma game
And lots of help from the chat room!

Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer

A fucking ugly ass anime with the worst dub track I have ever heard!


What is happening in this scene? Why are these cartoons drawn so badly. Goddammit, USA Cartoon Express!!! I thought you were cool once!

Double Dragon

Touching swords.

Episode 66: Saint Seiya

Get me on my good side!

Hope you enjoy profile shots. You'll be seeing a lot of them.

Known in America as Knights Of The Zoidiac, Saint Seiya is the first in our series looking at anime based on Shounen Jump! Joining us tonight is Kittyhawk of Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki as well as Pablo and Aisaku of Hero Academy

Topics covered:
What’s with the English opening?!
Why saints?
Hope you like ¾ profiles
Endrogenous boys
Secretariat’s here!

Episode 63: Inspector Gadget

(Quick note to Geekcast listeners: Our extended review of “The Green Loontern” will be available on Friday, February 9.)

"I'm always on duty!"

"I'm always on duty!"

Tonight we talk about Inspector Gadget with Space Captain Steve, creator of Blade Kitten.

Perhaps DiC’s finest show from back in the day, Inspector Gadget blew away nearly everything else that was on children’s TV at the time. Little did we know that were seeing the dawn of Japanese animation for American television, a practice that would later become standard in shows like Transformers, GI Joe, Thundercats, and Ghostbusters.

We go off topic a lot, as we compare Gadget to the likes of Inspector Clouseau, Maxwell Smart, Robocop, and even Dyno-Mutt! We also establish a continuity connection that links Inspector Gadget to Super Mario Bros., GI Joe, and classic WWF.

This message will self destruct.

Most ridiculous gadget
So many connections!
Gadget Boy and other spin-offs
Matthrew Broderick, and French Stewart
Australia doesn’t want Captain Planet
Does the dog have to wear a dress?
You can’t stop Uncle Owen

REVEALED!!!  Dr. Claw's face.

REVEALED!!! Dr. Claw's face.

Mentioned in the episode is the special Best Of at1UP, featuring the theory that Boba Fett is actually a bumbling idiot. Later in this podcast, the 1UP staff tries to guess what the Blade Kitten game is about. See?! There are all these connections!


Special Episode: Archie Aficionados!

Greatest WTF moment in comics history

Greatest WTF Moment in Comics History

This week, we were joined by Gisèle Lagacé and Kittyhawk for our second Sexy Girls show. However, we ended up talking about Archie Comics for a good portion of the pre-show and about twenty minutes of the actual show itself. These parts have been spliced together with a little editing sleight-of-hand to present a special preface for our Sexy Girls 2 episode. So while you wait for the main program, please enjoy our special Archie Aficionados!

The Girls:
…even Ethel

Cheryl Blossom

Neil's favorite Archie harem girl

Also discussed:
Archie the schemer
Crazy Betty
The Harem of Archie
Archie meets the Punisher
Singing Archies
The New Archies
Josie In Outer Space
Loosening up Pepper
Prettying-up Ethel
Alexandra = Betty and Veronica doing the fusion dance

Archie at the Beach

The REAL reason we loved Archie when growing up.

Stuff we forgot to mention: