Episode 101: Possumus Woman!!!

Possumus Woman

Possumus Woman

Yes, kiddos. It’s another movie night. But this ain’t no cartoon, dude! It’s Possumus Woman! One of the greatest low-budget movies ever made. We’re again joined by the Kittyhawk, and we regale for you the tale of watching this amazing movie, which you can actually download for FREE!!!

We also talk about the apparent demise of DC Nation after the movie review, so those of you who came for cartoon talk will get your share. Don’t worry, this IS Animation Aficionados, so we’re going to talk about animation, eventually.

But in honor of Halloween, we couldn’t let a chance like this escape!

Drunk Girl

“It’s headed toward the RESOOOORT!”

Rare Plant

The extremely rare Marcupoflias Plant!

Possum 'B" Gone

Possum ‘B’ Gone!!!

It's fuuuuuurrrr!!!

“A phylum I’ve never heard of before! But it’s fuuuuurrrr!”

Sexy Girls Episode 5 – Dressing Up Your Sexy Girls!

Donna Troy Wonder Woman

The tragically rare Donna Troy Wonder Woman costume

Today, we invited Kittyhawk of Valkyrie Yuuki over to play dress-up with the sexy girls. Annoyed by what the mainstream comic publishers consider sexy these days (especially with the new and “improved” Carol Danvers), we launch into a tirade about how hot chicks in fiction ought to look…at least from our perspective. This is mostly a superhero topic, so expect a lot of talk about tight-fitting clothing.

Topics covered:
Footwear: Flats vs. Heels
Sleeves or no sleeves
The French cut
Cloaks: It’s all about what’s underneath
Athletic costumes versus underwear
Sporty chicks are hot
Snaps, buckles, and zippers: How much is too much?
Using nanotech to explain why the clothes don’t just fall off
Neil and Kittyhawk make some not-so-subtle references to their own comics
And finally…LEOTARDS!!! (Yes, I’m that lame.)

Jean Grey costumes

Discussed in the show - The many costumes of Jean Gray

Star Sapphire from Justice League

The SUPERIOR Star Sapphire costume, without the crappy Witchblade shit all over her

Ed Benes' Fairchild

Ed Benes' Fairchild

Jennie Breeden's Boots

Jennie Breeden's boots - Proof that girls can look awesome without heels. Seriously, knock it off with the heels! Nobody fights in pumps.

Episode 72: Batman Beyond

Tonight, we are finishing the long-unfinished DCAU series with Batman Beyond.

A dark, possible future for Batman, Batman Beyond balances out the bleak future with sly humor. Is it the “for sure” future? That’s up to you to decide.

Topics Discussed
Original Villians
Creepy Ra’s
Mad Stan Berkewitz
This Never Happened to the Other Fella
Terry’s Friend Dates a Robot!
Clown Gangs? Akira Influence?
The BatBoys from Brazil and the lost Batman Beyond movie!

Episode 71: Defending Teen Titans

Slade (aka Shredder)

When the evil Slade attacks, those Titan kids don't cut him no slack!

This week on Animation Aficionados, we’re joined by Fesworks of the Webcast Beacon Network and Ben Rodriguez of Peter Is The Wolf, as they attempt to defend the dastardly Teen Titans cartoon series. Ben and Neil accept this challenge and prepare for a mighty battle!

This episode is all about:
What the #@%! was Slade’s plan?!
Why is Robin such a DICK?!
Battered spouses
Once a hyper-competent, homicidal sociopath
Cyborg’s magic
Wanking off to anime
Episodes that were rape-tastic!
The Tyler Durden Episode
The weakest heelturn EVER!
People who defend Chris Benoit
And finally, we ask the question: Was Sam Register snorting coke off of the backs of Ami and Yumi?

Teen Titans

Dear Cartoon Network... Stop designing characters like this! STOP IT!!!

This.  Happened.

Isn't Robin wonderful? Don't you love it how he abuses us? Let's dress up like him!

Now, I don’t mean to brag or anything, but this is kind of how the show went:
Approximately How The Show Went

Cyborg doesn't make the save for Robin.

Don't worry, Cyborg. Soon, you'll be in a much better cartoon.

Episode 70: Justice League Doom

I'll take the second from the left.

Justice League Doom

Here we are at last! The final episode of the Animation Aficionados and Tooncast Beyond Crossover! In this episode, we review the newly-released Justice League Doom. In this, the last movie penned by Duane McDuffie, the Justice League are under attack from plans concocted by one of their own. We really nitpick this movie, with the understanding, of course, that such nitpicks go the film’s credit, because it really is a marvelous work that we could not identify any major flaws. This is a template for how animated superhero movies should be.

As with the other crossover episodes, we have our usual array of extras, including a rough cut, so you get to hear all the funny asides when we screw up. There’s also over an hour’s worth of a bonus show featuring Thomas Revor and listener of the show Richard, as we talk more about the DC movies, comics, and… Girl Scout cookies.

Be prepared to set aside two hours of your time. This is a long one, folks!

It appears to be the Ace of Spades!

It appears to be the Ace of Spades!

Cyborg - The variable that nobody accounted for


We love Wonder Woman!

We love Wonder Woman!