Episode 134: Adult Swim

Adult Swim

Adult Swim

All kids out of the pool! We’re joined by Ren of Marshmellow Surprise to talk about Cartoon Network’s late night adult animation block!

Is Adult Swim a second life for shows previous abused by the Fox Network, or is it frat party for Flash animators?

Only one truth prevails.

Episode 116: Genndy Tartakovsky

This is awesome!

This is awesome!

Tonight, we’re joined by Pablo to talk about animation great, Genndy Tartakovsky!

Dexter’s Lab
Powerpuff Girls
Samurai Jack
Sym-Bionic Titan
…and more!

Episode 95: Censorship in Cartoons

Pew Pew Gun!

It’s a ray gun! PEW! PEW! PEW!

What was once lost is now found. This is an impromtu episode about censorship in animation from the night we were supposed to talk to JT about cartoons based on fighting games. This actually takes place a couple days before the recording of Episode 93 and just days after the Dark Knight Rises incident in Colorado.

In the first portion of this podcast, Ben and I run through our thoughts on censorship in cartoons and other mediums. We get a little ranty. We touch on reactionary censorship in cartoons, video games, and motion pictures. Our position is that it’s not right to erase history. In the second segment, Tom Revor joins us to give us his thoughts on the matter.

Gary Owens is ALIVE!
James Rolfe presents: Scat Hat
“It’s Nerf or NOTHIN’!!!”
Self-censorship is BULLSHIT!
“Stop, or I’ll show my badge!”
Violence in animation: east vs. west
Using Lucasfilm computers to erase OJ from The Naked Gun
Catcher In The Rye
Cartoon PSAs
Pew-pew guns
Erasing Chris Benoit
Layla’s coda
Video games
King Kong and Son Of Kong
Shrapnel would have killed the parachuting GI Joe pilots

King Kong

One of many scenes that were cut from the 1938 re-release of King Kong. Kong was sanitized in an era in which hyper-sensitive idiots wanted to play nanny. Sadly, people like this still exist.

GI Joe ejection seat

A scene that GI Joe fans are far too familiar with

The Pokemon gun episode

From the infamous Pokemon gun episode. Never seen in America.

James' boob job from Pokemon

We are NOT suggesting that 4Kidz should have put this in the American version of Pokemon. This is just here for laughs.

Lookee from She-Ra

Filmation cartoons put these PSAs at the end of every show to sanitize the violence in the cartoon a bit. Still, would you take moral advice from a klepto?

Pew! Pew!

Pew! Pew!

Pew! Pew! Pew!

Pew! Pew! Pew!

Pew! Pew! Pew! Pew! Pew!

Pew! Pew! Pew! Pew! Pew!

Stripcon 2012 Special

Chow down, Fes!

Yeeeee-ha! Fes is gonna chow down on that big ol’ burger in today’s very special podcast!

This week, we go EPIC LENGTH!!!! Over two-and-a-half hours, just for you!

We start off with a podcasting panel from this year’s Dallas Stripcon! On the panel with Ben were Fes of The Webcast Beacon Network, Adam from The RADcast, Kyle of The Tech Tard Show, and Rick of The United States of Geekdom.

After the panel, we have a series of outtakes from 2011. We talk sodas and animation outsourcing with Kittyhawk. Then we talk about a variety of geek topics with Thomas Revor. We have a brief conversation with Mike Blanchard. And finally we GET IN THERE! with Ben Heckendorn!

Yes, it’s the Ben Heck bonus show that we promised over a year ago, and it’s totally worth the wait!

Possumus Woman

It’s time for HER to pay!

The ups and downs of pocasting
Coke vs. Soda
Fes’ gigantic burger
The circle of outsourcing
The Day The Clown Cried
As Tears Go By
Clancy Brown is always the villain
“Who the hell is Ben Heck?”
Colorized film versus 3-D conversion
Where the hell did the real George Lucas go?
Acting on the green screen
Wicker Man… comedy
Possumus Woman

Episode 90: The Silver Age of Hanna-Barbera

The Roman Holidays

Hanna-Barbera’s OTHER out-of-time family comedy.

Tonight’s episode is dedicated to the Hanna-Barbera explosion of the 70s. Hanna-Barbera’s output ballooned exponentially during this period. They became the undisputed kings of Saturday morning. There is so much content from this era that it alone was enough to fuel the early days of Cartoon Network and later Boomerang.

Joining us tonight is the always delightful Kittyhawk, artist and writer of Sparkling Gneration Valkyrie Yuuki. For seventy minutes, the three of us sit and compare notes from our favorite cartoons from this era. There is so much that we each brought stuff to the table that nobody else had heard of.

We talk about:
The All-New…
Cartoons based on sitcoms
Wait Till Your Father Gets Home
The Roman Holidays
Blue Falcon & Dynomutt
Speed Buggy
All-Star Laff-A-Lympics
Help! It’s The Hair Bear Bunch!
The Pebbles & Bamm-Bamm Show/The Flinstone Comedy Hour
Captain Caveman & The Teen Angels
Robonic Stooges
and Godzookiiiiiii


You jumped over some of my buses!

Wheelie & The Chopper Bunch

No wonder Kittyhawk calls this the drug era.

Partridge Family 2200 AD

Hmm… This setting looks familiar!

All-Star Laff-A-Lympics

Well, at least Hanna-Barbera kept its star roster active. Even if it was in the Laff-A-Lympics.

Wait Till Your Father Gets Home

I don’t even remember this episode.