Episode 65: Duck Dodgers and the Green Loontern!

The Green Loontern

The Green Loontern

A whole podcast on a single episode of a cartoon? Only if it’s something as epic as The Green Loontern episode of Duck Dodgers! A cartoon made with love, with an episode made with love, this is still technically part of the crossover series with Tooncast Beyond, with Mike Blanchard! How can a cartoon made with such love be destroyed by management?

Topics Discussed
Daffy turns heel
Reviving the Corps
Offending the target audience
Robot Highschool Rivalries
A superstitious and cowardly lot
What does Neil Gaiman think about Teen Titans?

Cantaloupe, Watermelon...

Cantaloupe, Watermelon...

Bonus Material
Jamie Kellner is a douche
It’s called Cartoon Network for a reason
The Crapman still sucks, like Smallville
When will they kiss?
Screenshot from Freakazoid

Actual photograph of Jamie Kellner

Episode 62: Green Lantern Emerald Knights

Laira - The resident hottie of the Green Lantern Corp.

As long as I'm on this show, you can always count on me to highlight the girl in the leotard.

The best comes to those who wait. Our expanded edition of the Emerald Knights review once again features Mike “TFG1” Blanchard of the Geekcast Radio Network. In this exciting episode, we cover another set of DC animated stories compiled into a film. However, unlike Gotham Knight, which was a disjointed mess of barely-connected stories, this one actually comes together at the end in a satisfying way. The stories were hit-or-miss, but there is enjoyable stuff here, particularly Laira (and no, I don’t just mean her costume).

Expanded content in this episode includes our standard cold opening, plus a whole middle section that you’ll not hear in the Tooncast Beyond version of this show. Additionally, we have short conversation with 1UP‘s Bob Mackey plus a tease for next week’s show. Be sure to check out Bob’s podcast, Retronauts.

Topics Covered:
Laira’s hot
Arisia is jailbait
Kilowog is a poozer
Mogo vs. Unicron – Who wins???
Batman and the Golden Lagoon

Batman hangs at Autobot Headquarters

Green Lantern's greatest weakness: That yellow metal that Autobots always use.

Episode 60: All-Star Superman

All-Star Superman

"Can you read my mind...?"

Here we go! It’s All-Star Superman, boys and girls! We’re back with Mike Blanchard of Tooncast Beyond. This is not a movie for people who want a straight action film. This is a character film, and it’s quite possibly one of the best ever written. …even if Blanchard wants to poo-poo the gloriousness of this film.

Over 45 minutes of extras over the Tooncast version. You have our standard pre-show, a short interlude about Vampires Suck, and a post-show conversation between Ben and me about future episodes, filled with hilarious off-the-cuff remarks.

Best. Lois. EVER!
Tom Welling… VOICE ACTOR?!?!
Grant Morrison GETS Superman!
Superman sets his controls for the heart of the sun.
Did we mention that Lois was smokin’ hot in this film?

Atlas and Samson

Atlas and Samson - One of many storyline deviations that really don't progress the plot at all. The meaning of this contest? It's over Lois, of course!

Best.  Lois.  EVER.

Super Lois. Is there a better argument in favor of this film? (Well, yes...but I'm being a pig.)

Bonus Content Topics:
Anime Flex
Carlton Banks is the greatest African-American character in the history of television
Jeff Matsuta can’t draw fingers
Jackie Chan Adventures
Apologizing for Scrappy
Lando is not two-faced
The Crapman – Call it the right name!
A preview of our Cartoons Based On Video Games episode
We discuss our upcoming Shonen Jump spotlight
“I’m stronger than you by the beat of a bumblebee’s wing!”

Episode 58: Superman/Batman Apocalypse

Superman/Batman Apocalypse

Not truly the Apocalypse, but perhaps a sign.

After a short break in regular shows, we are back with another Tooncast Beyond crossover feature. This time, we’re taking a look at Superman/Batman apocalypse. Based on the Jeph Loeb comic with illustrations by Michael Turner, this animated adaption is about the introduction of Supergirl into the post-crisis universe.

We’re not too crazy about the Turner-inspired art style. The story is…okay, if not for the total pussification of Darkseid.

And could someone please, PLEASE knock Jeph Loeb’s dork out of his hand whenever Batman is involved in something?!!? There’s no way Batman should be in a battle against an army of Doomsdays. I don’t care how underpowered they are. they were killing Amazons! Stop it! Stop it! STOP IT!!!

Batman wankery

Okay, look people. Batman is a badass. He's taken on beings many times his strength and won. But under no circumstances should he be holding his own against an army of Doomsdays!

Super Chin

Seriously! What' with Superman's face?!??! Oh yeah... Michael Turner.

Battle Armor Batman

Battle Armor Batman - Only $29.99!

Wonder Woman and Kara


Wonder Woman

On the other hand, does Wonder Woman EVER look bad? I mean, aside from the JMS version.

Episode 56: Batman – Under The Red Hood

Batman's up to his bat ears with villains in this film

Batman's up to his bat ears with villains in this film

We’re back again with our Tooncast beyond crossover spectacular. Returning this week are Mike “TFG1” Blanchard and Steve “Megatron”. This week, we talk about a movie that is far superior than the comic from which it was adapted. Under The Red Hood is an exciting take on the return of Jason Todd, also known as the second Robin.

We give away a few spoilers, but it’s nothing you don’t get from the first ten minutes of the film, anyway.

Overall, we liked this.

Also, for our bonus section, we conclude our first attempt at the video games episode. By the end, it becomes obvious why we recorded a second take. Still, we felt that the conversation was entertaining enough to release as supplemental material. Now as to what we’re going to put on the end of next week’s Tooncast Beyond episode, I have no idea. We’ll think of something.

Cooked Robin anyone?

Cooked Robin anyone?

Guess who!

Guess who!