Episode 95: Censorship in Cartoons

Pew Pew Gun!

It’s a ray gun! PEW! PEW! PEW!

What was once lost is now found. This is an impromtu episode about censorship in animation from the night we were supposed to talk to JT about cartoons based on fighting games. This actually takes place a couple days before the recording of Episode 93 and just days after the Dark Knight Rises incident in Colorado.

In the first portion of this podcast, Ben and I run through our thoughts on censorship in cartoons and other mediums. We get a little ranty. We touch on reactionary censorship in cartoons, video games, and motion pictures. Our position is that it’s not right to erase history. In the second segment, Tom Revor joins us to give us his thoughts on the matter.

Gary Owens is ALIVE!
James Rolfe presents: Scat Hat
“It’s Nerf or NOTHIN’!!!”
Self-censorship is BULLSHIT!
“Stop, or I’ll show my badge!”
Violence in animation: east vs. west
Using Lucasfilm computers to erase OJ from The Naked Gun
Catcher In The Rye
Cartoon PSAs
Pew-pew guns
Erasing Chris Benoit
Layla’s coda
Video games
King Kong and Son Of Kong
Shrapnel would have killed the parachuting GI Joe pilots

King Kong

One of many scenes that were cut from the 1938 re-release of King Kong. Kong was sanitized in an era in which hyper-sensitive idiots wanted to play nanny. Sadly, people like this still exist.

GI Joe ejection seat

A scene that GI Joe fans are far too familiar with

The Pokemon gun episode

From the infamous Pokemon gun episode. Never seen in America.

James' boob job from Pokemon

We are NOT suggesting that 4Kidz should have put this in the American version of Pokemon. This is just here for laughs.

Lookee from She-Ra

Filmation cartoons put these PSAs at the end of every show to sanitize the violence in the cartoon a bit. Still, would you take moral advice from a klepto?

Pew! Pew!

Pew! Pew!

Pew! Pew! Pew!

Pew! Pew! Pew!

Pew! Pew! Pew! Pew! Pew!

Pew! Pew! Pew! Pew! Pew!

Episode 73: Tiny Toons vs. Animaniacs – Side-By-Side


There's baloney in our slacks!

This week, we record with 1UP.com’s Bob Mackey to explore Animaniacs and Tiny Toons. One was groundbreaking, creative, and hilarious…and the other is Tiny Toons. We discuss the impact of both shows, their strengths, their weaknesses, and which one ultimately comes out on top in the end. If you’ve been listening to this show for a while, then you probably know what we’re going to say about Tiny Toons…but you should listen anyway!

Topics covered
Pre-Crisis Daffy
Mary Sue Adventures
The Bloody Head Fairy
Justice For Buttons
Tongue…two…three, one…two…three
Torturing Buddy
Baby Plucky
The Wretched Clown
The Plucky Duck Show
Jaimy Kelner, television lumberjack
Don’t Stop The Sandman
It’s the 90s, time for Klax.
…While Bill Clinton plays the sax!

Li'l Daffy

Tiny Toons... just little versions of better cartoons

Tongue Two Three

Kennedy Cartoons did this. No, it doesn't look any better in motion.

Here’s “The Looney Beginning,” which is actually one of the better-animated episodes of Tiny Toons. In fact, these are the best results that they ever got from Kennedy Cartoons.

…But watch as this episode of Animaniacs completely outpace it in every way.

Also, check this shit out. This is the guy who played Wakko.

This is the most maddening thing you’ll ever hear…

A Compilation of Glen Kennedy’s ‘Contribution’ to the industry…

And finally…

Sexy Girls Episode 5 – Dressing Up Your Sexy Girls!

Donna Troy Wonder Woman

The tragically rare Donna Troy Wonder Woman costume

Today, we invited Kittyhawk of Valkyrie Yuuki over to play dress-up with the sexy girls. Annoyed by what the mainstream comic publishers consider sexy these days (especially with the new and “improved” Carol Danvers), we launch into a tirade about how hot chicks in fiction ought to look…at least from our perspective. This is mostly a superhero topic, so expect a lot of talk about tight-fitting clothing.

Topics covered:
Footwear: Flats vs. Heels
Sleeves or no sleeves
The French cut
Cloaks: It’s all about what’s underneath
Athletic costumes versus underwear
Sporty chicks are hot
Snaps, buckles, and zippers: How much is too much?
Using nanotech to explain why the clothes don’t just fall off
Neil and Kittyhawk make some not-so-subtle references to their own comics
And finally…LEOTARDS!!! (Yes, I’m that lame.)

Jean Grey costumes

Discussed in the show - The many costumes of Jean Gray

Star Sapphire from Justice League

The SUPERIOR Star Sapphire costume, without the crappy Witchblade shit all over her

Ed Benes' Fairchild

Ed Benes' Fairchild

Jennie Breeden's Boots

Jennie Breeden's boots - Proof that girls can look awesome without heels. Seriously, knock it off with the heels! Nobody fights in pumps.

Episode 72: Batman Beyond

Tonight, we are finishing the long-unfinished DCAU series with Batman Beyond.

A dark, possible future for Batman, Batman Beyond balances out the bleak future with sly humor. Is it the “for sure” future? That’s up to you to decide.

Topics Discussed
Original Villians
Creepy Ra’s
Mad Stan Berkewitz
This Never Happened to the Other Fella
Terry’s Friend Dates a Robot!
Clown Gangs? Akira Influence?
The BatBoys from Brazil and the lost Batman Beyond movie!

Episode 70: Justice League Doom

I'll take the second from the left.

Justice League Doom

Here we are at last! The final episode of the Animation Aficionados and Tooncast Beyond Crossover! In this episode, we review the newly-released Justice League Doom. In this, the last movie penned by Duane McDuffie, the Justice League are under attack from plans concocted by one of their own. We really nitpick this movie, with the understanding, of course, that such nitpicks go the film’s credit, because it really is a marvelous work that we could not identify any major flaws. This is a template for how animated superhero movies should be.

As with the other crossover episodes, we have our usual array of extras, including a rough cut, so you get to hear all the funny asides when we screw up. There’s also over an hour’s worth of a bonus show featuring Thomas Revor and listener of the show Richard, as we talk more about the DC movies, comics, and… Girl Scout cookies.

Be prepared to set aside two hours of your time. This is a long one, folks!

It appears to be the Ace of Spades!

It appears to be the Ace of Spades!

Cyborg - The variable that nobody accounted for


We love Wonder Woman!

We love Wonder Woman!