Episode 15B – The Faux 25 part 2

It stinks!


It’s the final countdown! You’ve heard 25 thru 11. Now hear the final ten.

In this episode:
“Previously, on Animation Aficionados…”
Storm can match the Beyonder
Going into another dimension
Ben nearly kills Buster’s joke
Elmer in drag
Racist cartoons
Preachy cartoons
The Baby Fozzie Effect
The fireworks factory
Spümcø (sometimes) gets a bad wrap
CG motorcycles that don’t move
Seth MacFarlane talking to himself for a half hour
Jimmy Corrigan. ‘Nuff said.
Manatee jokes
Gee, can you guess what our #1 pick is?

The Motionless CG Bike

It's like watching money burning in a barrel, isnt it?

Ren & Stimpy - Worm Food

This is so much worse than how I remembered it.

Baby Fozzie

Baby Fozzie becomes a metaphor with which to attack other cartoons

Episode 15A – The Faux 25 part 1


Uh-Oh! One of Ben's picks draws controversy. Hmm... I wonder which one.

What once was whole was torn asunder (by Neil, since a 2-plus-hour episode was too much even for him).

Neil’s Note: An epic-length podcast?!  Not on my watch!

In this episodes, we talk about Reboot, and the fans who love it.  Bokurano was jokingly put on the list, then removed.   Does Winston truly taste good…like a cigarette should?  Clone Wars and it’s availability.  Williams Street’s productions are discussed in length.  Boondocks Preaching? NOOOOO!

Faux Part 2 coming soon!