Episode 31: Side by Side Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes vs Avengers: United They Stand

This image was a "Fuck You" every week to fans.

This week we took a short break from the DCAU to talk with Hal Hefner of Heavy Metal Magazine’s “Gates” about both Avengers animated series: 1999’s “Avengers: United They Stand” and 2010’s “Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes”.  Back to Marvel, eh?  Hopefully just a short visit.  We attempt to break the Avengers curse which swallowed two episodes whole!


This episode’s topics:
Vision is NOT Commander Data!
No! NO! The world is NOT about to break, but my ears are!
Captain America jerking off to Hulk
Timmitations: Then and Now
Working on rodents instead of Superheroes?!
Winter Soldier?!? NOOOO!
How many episodes do you GIVE a show before giving up?(5 is enough, right?!)
Shitty animation; then and now!

Episode 16 – Star Wars Clone Wars (2003 vs 2008)

This is AWESOME!

Mike Blanchard, you are so wrong about this! This shit is AWESOME!!!

Today we’re joined by Mike Blanchard of Geekcast Radio, Aisaku of Hero Academy, and Essay Bee of Fusion, and we’re talking about two series with the same name: CLONE WARS!


Show topics:
Mike needs his eyes and ears checked
Ahsoka should be dead
Jar Jar is smarter than he looks
“LIAR!” …and other great acting bits
Ghost Hand
Peg leg Jedis
Buddy comedies
George Lucas pulls a dick move
Stan Lee and Ahnud stink up the air waves
Fox’s Spider-Man still blows

Mentioned in the show:
Star Wars Episode III – Abridged by GeeksOn (Must listen!)

Also, check out Neil’s newest appearance on The Nerd News Network!

Ghost hand force choke!

Ghost hand force choke!



She should be DEAD!

One image that ruins the credibility of the entire show. She should be dead at Grievous' feet!

Hey! It's Bucky O'Hare!

Worse than Jar Jar!

Power Rangers Aficionados DEBUTS!

Matt Senko morphs into an Aficionado!

Matt Senko is FOREVER RED!

Welcome to the Power Rangers Aficionados! We’re joined this week by DVD PodBLAST’s Matt Senko! Matt was an extra on the original Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. We’re also joined by Geekcast’s own Jonathan Toderian.

We sat down this week look back upon the 18-year legacy of Power Rangers. Every show in the series is mentioned, and nearly all of them discussed. We even talk about the “lost episode”. Strangely, nobody mentioned Bulk and Skull.

Show topics:
Trainwrecks! (…and the people who watch them)
Behind the scenes of the Zordon Era
Giant robots assembled by helicopters
Goosing your Zords
Rodent Senseis
Dogs can be rangers, too
Quantasaurus Rex
Skating robot trains
Trapping enemies in YuGiOh cards
Evil Rangers
Emo Rangers
Zsa Zsa needs rent money
Mr. Belding does karaoke
Matt looks for a dull rusty knife
Jesus doesn’t tap
However, lying makes Baby Jesus cry

Piston Punch!

Piston Punch!



Actor inside of the Quantasaurus Rex costume:

Darren T. Mangler in a Jenny Craig commercial:

Episode 8 – Marvel Movies

Three movies.  We take a look at Ultimate Avengers, Invincible Iron Man, and Hulk Vs. Two of them were awful.  One was okay.

Are we done with the Marvel stuff for a while?

Episode 4 – Iron Man/Fantastic Four

Don’t Need No More… please god, no more!