Episode 117: G-Gundam



Ben and I joined this week by Pablo and listener Robert Bell to talk about G-Gundam, an odd entry in the Gundam series, which fuses giant robots with professional wrestling.

Episode 111: Sakura Wars OVA

Sakura Wars

Sakura Wars

This week, Ben and I watched Sakura Wars. For the first time ever (for this show), I watched it with the subtitle track, because I didn’t realize I had an English track available. Oh well.

This is an anime about an acting troop that also fights monsters by piloting steampunk mech water heaters. Based on a dating sim/tactical RPG for the Sega Saturn, this series features a cast of eligible women (and one bro). Cute characters. Fun story. Awesome theme song.

It’s Sakura Wars!

This also happens to be our shortest show in quite a while, so if you’re aching for more audio content…uhhhh…listen to episode 35 of Retrunauts, where they talk about the Saturn. Shut up! You can never get too much Saturn!

Segata Sanshiroooooo!!!!!!

Episode 100, Part 2: Slayers TV

Slayers TV

Slayers TV

At long last, it’s the second part of our Slayers special! Joining us tonight is The Chu. We talk about the Slayers TV series, which spans an epic 104 episodes! Three back-to-back seasons were made back in the 90s, and then an extra series of episodes were released in the 2000s, several years after the original series.

We also have an extrended pre-show, in which we talk about time lines and story chronology, and we talk about why some people don’t understand that trying to make everything fit together ruins the story more than it helps. Somehow, we resisted bringing up Star Wars.

Topics covered:
The Slayers (TV series)
Slayers Next
Slayers Try
Slayers Revolution
Slayers Evolution-R
Slayers Royal
Lost Universe

Episode 100, Part 1: The Slayers – OVAs and Movies

The Slayers

The Slayers

Ladies and gentlemen, there are only a few anime series I would recommend to the non-anime fan. Slayers is one of them.

The Slayers series is so extensive and huge that we had to split it up into two halves. This week, we’ll be talking about the movies and OVAs. Returning to the show is the Chu as well as Lina Inverse herself, Cynthia Martinez. Even after hearing us spoil the hell out of this series, you’re going to want to track down these DVDs and share them with everyone you know.

Slayers is one of the funniest anime series ever made.

Slayers The Motion Picture
Slayers Special
Slayers Return
Slayers Great
Slayers Gorgeous
Slayers Excellent
Slayers Premium

World's Least Frightening Vampire

World’s Least Frightening Vampire


A mystery is solved

Episode 97: Virtua Fighter

Virtua Fighter

The Virtua Fighter anime logo. Adjust your expectations downward from here.

Kittyhawk is back this week, and we’re talking about the Virtua Fighter anime. Yes, we can’t get enough of cartoons based on fighting games. We really only watched this for one scene, but we discovered several more that made us laugh just as hard.

After four episodes, we had enough, so we decided to sit down and talk about the show. Our opinions were mixed. Some of us were genuinely entertained, but somehow this is a series unfitting of Virtua Fighter.

Our review is a bit short, so after the break, we come back with our review of Saint Warrior Girl Valkyrie, a Japanese live action rip-off of Kittyhawk’s own Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki! It’s a show so terrible that it bankrupted the company that made it.

Please, please don’t watch it, but you can listen to us groan about how terrible it was. We’ll forgo any screen shots, because we’re just not that cruel.

Zoning out
How old is Pai?
Smile Steak
“Herroooo! Deribery guy!”
Run away!
A boy hanging from a tree
A classic cartoon trap


The normally jovial Akira gets serious if he puts his bandanna on.

The Deribery Guy!

Otherwise, you can expect something more like this.

Smile Steak

Smile Steak!

The child sidekicks

Helloooo…. Helloooooo… HELLOOOOOO!!!!!

Pai captured

A Team Rocket classic

Not mentioned in today’s episode, Virtua Fighter Animation for Game Gear is actually based on this series.

Some music from the video games…

Bonus Topic:

St. Valkyrie

This is the most disturbing thing I’ve ever watched.