Episode 100, Part 2: Slayers TV

Slayers TV

Slayers TV

At long last, it’s the second part of our Slayers special! Joining us tonight is The Chu. We talk about the Slayers TV series, which spans an epic 104 episodes! Three back-to-back seasons were made back in the 90s, and then an extra series of episodes were released in the 2000s, several years after the original series.

We also have an extrended pre-show, in which we talk about time lines and story chronology, and we talk about why some people don’t understand that trying to make everything fit together ruins the story more than it helps. Somehow, we resisted bringing up Star Wars.

Topics covered:
The Slayers (TV series)
Slayers Next
Slayers Try
Slayers Revolution
Slayers Evolution-R
Slayers Royal
Lost Universe

Episode 100, Part 1: The Slayers – OVAs and Movies

The Slayers

The Slayers

Ladies and gentlemen, there are only a few anime series I would recommend to the non-anime fan. Slayers is one of them.

The Slayers series is so extensive and huge that we had to split it up into two halves. This week, we’ll be talking about the movies and OVAs. Returning to the show is the Chu as well as Lina Inverse herself, Cynthia Martinez. Even after hearing us spoil the hell out of this series, you’re going to want to track down these DVDs and share them with everyone you know.

Slayers is one of the funniest anime series ever made.

Slayers The Motion Picture
Slayers Special
Slayers Return
Slayers Great
Slayers Gorgeous
Slayers Excellent
Slayers Premium

World's Least Frightening Vampire

World’s Least Frightening Vampire


A mystery is solved

Episode 87: Cynthia Martinez Interview

Cynthia Martinez

Watch it! She can blow you up!

Tonight we interview Cynthia Martinez, voice actress from ADV, the voice behind many characters from Slayers, Madlax, Martian Successor Nadesico, Godannar, Kaleido Star, Galaxy Fraulein Yuna, Excel Saga, Puni Puni Poemy, and many more!

We mostly talked about Slayers, but we asked Cynthia for some of her best booth stories. And boy did we some! Cynthia was hilarious, and we enjoyed having her on the show. We’ll have to get her back some time.

Cynthia is also in a Latin acoustic band called SinTema. Check them out at www.reverbnation.com/sintema

The screaming Lina
Making fun of a twelve-year-old’s breast size
Funny stories from the sound booth
“Mah leg”
Man Lina
Lisa Ortiz vs. Cynthia Martinez
Puni Puni Poemy

Boob Rest

Puni Puni Poemy… Believe it or not, this is TAME.

Slayers Movie Collection

Cynthia is exclusive to the Slayers movies and OVAs.

Episode 76: The Dirty Pair!

The Dirty Pair

Kei and Yuri

This week, we talk about a classic. Ben and I talk about the Dirty Pair, a franchise that has seen animation, comics, and novels. And we talk about all of it; the light novels, the original anime, the OVAs, the movies, Dirty Pair Flash, and the Adam Warren comic series.

As you might imagine, this is one of my all-time favorites. It’s got girls with long, lucious legs in a space utopia filled with flying cars, interstellar space travel, rocket backpacks, robots, and all sorts of neat stuff!

Who doesn’t love the Dirty Pair?! Terrible people. That’s who.

This episode was recorded to coincide with the release of the new Dirty Pair movie box set, which includes both the ADV English dub and the highly sought-after Streamline Pictures English dub! Yes, it’s justice for Carl Macek. You need to buy it right now!

We’ll return to Dirty Pair in July with the DVD release of Dirty Pair Flash!

The original novel version of the Pair

The original novel version of the Pair

Adam Warren's Dirty Pair

This image may require a mop.

Episode 66: Saint Seiya

Get me on my good side!

Hope you enjoy profile shots. You'll be seeing a lot of them.

Known in America as Knights Of The Zoidiac, Saint Seiya is the first in our series looking at anime based on Shounen Jump! Joining us tonight is Kittyhawk of Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki as well as Pablo and Aisaku of Hero Academy

Topics covered:
What’s with the English opening?!
Why saints?
Hope you like ¾ profiles
Endrogenous boys
Secretariat’s here!