Episode 156: The Worst of Tom & Jerry

The Worst of Tom & Jerry

The Worst of Tom & Jerry

Happy Halloween!

Nothing says Halloween like terrible Tom & Jerry cartoons!(???)

Yes, we’ll be talking about the Filmation Tom & Jerry Comedy Hour as well as Hanna Barbera’s Tom & Jerry Show. We’ll also mention Gene Deitch and “The Karate Guard”.

Strangely, we never mentioned the movie. Perhaps that’s for the best.

Also mentioned:

Dear Viz! We Want Toonmakers Sailor Moon!

So, Viz put out a trailer announcing the entire Sailor Moon series, uncut, newly dubbed, and on Blu Ray. It’ll also be on Hulu.

Some people are upset that the original dub won’t be re-released. I’m okay with it. The original dub was kind of a mess and went out of its way to censor things. The only thing I’ll really miss is Molly’s Brooklyn accent. Meanwhile, everyone else will be celebrating Zoicite’s sex change back into a man and the lesbian Sailor Scouts Senshi. No more cousins!

But if I may, there’s one demand I’d like to make, and I hope Viz can comply. I want that Toonmakers pilot of the American Sailor Moon. You remember the one, right? The one with the girl in the wheel chair and the horrible, horrible 90s animation.

This one:

C’mon, Viz! Make it happen!

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Episode 148: Carl Macek and Robotech

Lynn Minmay

Lynn Minmay

Yep, we’re back with a do-over episode. Many months ago, we produced an episode in which we were to talk about Carl Macek. Somehow, we went almost the entire episode without even so much as mentioning him; a fact which perturbed me for some time.

Well, this has been amended. Sometimes revered, other times reviled, Carl Macek left behind an incredible legacy of work and undoubtedly paved the way for the anime market that came after Robotech.

Here we have the somewhat complete story of the amazing career of Carl Macek, though we did skip over some things, such as his time at DiC and Spumco. We talk about his rise with Harmony Gold, the rise and fall of Streamline Pictures, and his time at ADV.

We also tread through the Robotech saga again, this time a bit more in detail. And if any of this is at all confusing, don’t worry. You’re running about average. Truth be told, Robotech shows its seams, and even with additional animated content made to bridge the three separate sagas, it still is an obvious hodgepodge of content.

I still very much recommend ADV’s dub of Macross, IF you can still find it.

Robotech - The Macross Saga

Robotech – The Macross Saga

Dirty Pair - Flight 005 Conspiracy

Dirty Pair – Flight 005 Conspiracy

The Professional: Golgo 13

The Professional: Golgo 13

Episode 134: Adult Swim

Adult Swim

Adult Swim

All kids out of the pool! We’re joined by Ren of Marshmellow Surprise to talk about Cartoon Network’s late night adult animation block!

Is Adult Swim a second life for shows previous abused by the Fox Network, or is it frat party for Flash animators?

Only one truth prevails.

Episode 133: Inspired By Anime

Okay, seriously!  What the fuck IS this?!

Okay, seriously! What the fuck IS this?!

Pablo Praino joins us this week as we look at animation inspired by Japan. Some cartoons do it right, by adapting great methods of expressionism and style. Others do it wrong with giant sweat drops and overt expressionism.

Find out who is guilty of being a weeabo and who isn’t. Like it’s any mystery who our #1 offender is.