Episode 130: Early Warner Brothers


Today we have a rather short episode in which Ben and I discuss early animation at Warner Brothers. We’re rather glib about the short careers of Buddy and Bosko, but honestly there’s not much to say about them.

What I personally find more interesting is what went on at the studio around that time as the animation industry was taking shape. Animation was in its infancy. Characters barely had personality. Many old cartoons were played with the accompaniment of music. It wasn’t until cartoons could be timed to their soundtrack that the medium we know of today was born.

So sit back and listen to about twenty minutes of Ben and me gabbing about this stuff. Afterward, you can hear us babble on about stuff in the webcomic world and other random cartoon topics. In all, it’s still an hour-long show. Our main topic is just dreadfully short this week.

Also, be sure to check out my hosting of The Tonncast. I was a bit clumsy in my duties, but it was a fun show. My surprise shocking guest for the show was the ever gracious Todd Robert Anderson!