Episode 151: The REAL Ghostbusters (…and a long distance dedication to Casey Kasem)



Hey, it’s been a while!

Today’s episode of Animation Aficionados is a dual treat. First, we have a special dedication to Casey Kasem, which, fortunately for us, will not be coming off of an up-tempo record.

Then strap on your particle accelerators, because Kittyhawk and Red Ink join us for some Ghostbusters.

The REAL Ghostbusters!

Episode 150: Food Fight!

fuck this movie

Lies. All lies.

Wow. Just…wow.

Folks, I am depressed. Here it is, episode 150, and we watched a movie so foul that it pushes both Robin & Dreamweavers and Eight Crazy Nights off the tip top of my top movie shit list and claims the number one spot. Holy shit, folks. It’s Food Fight!. And no, that exclamation point doesn’t mean I’m excited. That’s actually part of the title.

Words just cannot describe my disappoint. What a way to celebrate our sesquicentennial podcast.

Joining us this week is the constantly awesome Kittyhawk, who radiated sunshine to pierce the dark cloud cast by this movie.

Extra reading: “The Long Strange Odyssey of Foodfight

Here is the original trailer for the film:

Not great, but it’s passable.

Now here’s what it ultimately ended up looking like:

And here’s the only Food Fight that will ever be near and dear to my heart:

Episode 149: Denver The Last Dinosaur

Denver The Last Dinosaur

Denver The Last Dinosaur

On today’s panel, we have Ren from Marshmellow Surprise, and we’re talking about Denver the Last Dinosaur. We were pretty horrified by what we observed. Like most things from our childhood, it’s much worse looking back on it as an adult. And Denver is a special case, because we never thought it was a good show to begin with. Imagine our utter horror upon discovering that it’s even worse than we remembered!

Extra long episode this week. We burn out pretty quickly on Denver, so we ramble a bit during the show. And we have our usual spirited after show, where we just talk about random shit. Also, I diss Peter Criss and Ace Frehley some more. LONG LIVE THE ANKH WARRIOR!

BK Kids Club kids

BK Kids Club kids

Denver cereal?!

Denver cereal?!

Creatures of the Night - The best Kiss album ever made!

Creatures of the Night – The best Kiss album ever made!

Episode 148: Carl Macek and Robotech

Lynn Minmay

Lynn Minmay

Yep, we’re back with a do-over episode. Many months ago, we produced an episode in which we were to talk about Carl Macek. Somehow, we went almost the entire episode without even so much as mentioning him; a fact which perturbed me for some time.

Well, this has been amended. Sometimes revered, other times reviled, Carl Macek left behind an incredible legacy of work and undoubtedly paved the way for the anime market that came after Robotech.

Here we have the somewhat complete story of the amazing career of Carl Macek, though we did skip over some things, such as his time at DiC and Spumco. We talk about his rise with Harmony Gold, the rise and fall of Streamline Pictures, and his time at ADV.

We also tread through the Robotech saga again, this time a bit more in detail. And if any of this is at all confusing, don’t worry. You’re running about average. Truth be told, Robotech shows its seams, and even with additional animated content made to bridge the three separate sagas, it still is an obvious hodgepodge of content.

I still very much recommend ADV’s dub of Macross, IF you can still find it.

Robotech - The Macross Saga

Robotech – The Macross Saga

Dirty Pair - Flight 005 Conspiracy

Dirty Pair – Flight 005 Conspiracy

The Professional: Golgo 13

The Professional: Golgo 13

Episode 147: Kill la Kill

Kill la Kill

Kill la Kill

Joining the podcast this week is Pablo Praino and Kittyhawk of SGVY.com!

We discuss Kill la Kill, which was still running new episodes at the time of this recording. It’s a show about two girls wearing as little clothing as possible so as to kick as much ass as possible.

Sounds like something right up our alley!